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Does anyone have info about disability and hep c. Does it take years to get on like you hear about from people who try to get disabilty.  If you recieve medicaid, and you own your own home, do you really have to sell your house before you are eligible.  I really have no knowlege of how to go about this, but I am just so tired.  I have know about hep c for 9 years now, and have taken all the availble meds that could work and they did not. There is no other med now for me to try and my doctor says that he would probally not suggest my trying again, unless there is a quick, medical breakthrough.  I do not know if i could again and definitely could not work, if i ever did.  I have a job, but it just gets harder every day.
Who can give me insite on what to expect?
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Hi edymay, every case is different and you might get immediate approval or it might take four years like it did me.

It doesnt hurt to apply and I recommend that you apply asap. I also had some assistance with an advocate (not a lawyer but an SSI specialist). He helped immensely.

I have been on medicaid for all these many years. I do not have a home but I do believe that you are able to keep your home. You are limited in the amount of savings you can have. This has nothing to do with SSI Disability.

If you worked in the past and collected enough credits you should be able to get disability. If you didnt collect enough credits then you will have to apply for SSI disability. Medicaid and SSI Disability are two very different things.

I hope that helped somewhat but if you have any other questions please ask away. The brain fog is pretty bad but I will do my best.

good luck and take care,

p.s. this site also has some excellent info: http://groups.msn.com/SocialSecurityDisabilityCoalition/general.msnw?action=get_threads

the owner of the list is very serious about making the process as clear as possible and also changing the regulations for the better. Posting on the forum is rather difficult at times as the owner must approve every single post and she is often very ill herself but the information on the site can be invaluable.
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the following blog has been very helpful to many people that I know of in the whole procedure of applying for disability...re that post above, you can also get part SS and SSI.....

I'd also urge all the newcomers to look into the archives and type what they'd like to find out about in the search function...you can find out a lot there...best of luck...

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