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disabilty and hep c

Can I recieve disibility for 48 weeks of treatment?
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Is your job very physical or very long hours?  Or are you just concerned that you won't be able to work during treatment because of side effects?  Like Hector said, many people are able to keep working during treatment. You modify your lifestyle for sure and it's good to think ahead about contingency plans in the event things get difficult.  Beyond that, hard to say more without understanding your specific concerns that would have you thinking of being on disability the entire time.

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Very few people become disabled for the entire 48 weeks. Especially someone as young as you are. Why do you think that you would be disabled during treatment? Many if not most people are able to work throughout their entire treatment.

Of course you would have to have a doctor who would say that you were unable to perform your work duties during the time of treatment. Have you thought about losing your job/insurance for being out of work for a year?

It was seem very difficult to do in my opinion. Of course it would also depend on the rules for state disability in AZ.

Providing more information about your job, heath status (do you have other major medical problems in addition to hepatitis C?) would be helpful if you would like more practical information.

Take care.
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