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dry cracked heels

I know more water would probally help. One of my heels is calloused, dry and it cracks. It is very sore. I have tried soaking, putting on moisturizer and cotton socks but not any better. I just wondered if anyoone had any ideas?
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Yes; there is a urea product that's availble by prescription; I'll try to find the name of it for you. This stuff is remarkable; it softened and eased the dry cracking in two days. I really wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. I need to e-mail someone to get the name; If I don’t get back to you soon, send me a private message, and bug me about this; and I’ll follow up.

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The product is called ‘Kerol emulsion w/ 50% urea’. Ask your doctor of it… again, it works like magic. I was dating a gal that had very dry feet during treatment, to the point they were cracking, and it hurt to walk. I rubbed this on, and the next day they had softened up. By the third day, they were almost healed. Good stuff.

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I get them too from being in too many hot hot baths.  Hot tubs are very bad for them so be careful of that too especially when on treatment. Just a side note but boy they are so painful i can relate to it!
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i had dry cracked heals long before I began treatment. i got them almost cleared up using some stuff called Zim's Crack Cream. While on treatment though, this stuff wasn't doing the trick. They got progressively worse, even with Zim's. I would have gone to the doctor but I was done TX before they became too bad. I find if you're wearing sandals and bare feet they really get bad quick. Socks and shoes are better.
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Same problem here.  Nurse suggested Vaseline and cotton socks.  Get something good to slough off the excess skin in the shower/bath (pumice stone), then continue w Vaseline and cotton socks.  I found I really had to stay on top of it, barefeet and sandals are the worst, It continued all through tx.  After tx. it seemed to clear up on its own.  Everyones right, it is really painful, my heels were actually bleeding.  Huge cracks opening up everywhere.  The Vaseline really seemed to help.

Best of Luck - Lynne
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A quick ps from the gal that used the Kerol; she said “Be sure and tell her it is a good idea to use it regularly (not necessarily every day) even after the bad cracks heal so that they don't get bad again. I had to use it the whole time basically.”

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There is a cream from Epoch that works really great. I can PM you the link =)
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That's right sandals are horrible for them too - Chuckles is right.

When my husband was alive and used to get the Zim's for me he could never manage to not say crack cream crack cream - five year olds had more willpower.  It's what I use too though, I didn't know they made a prescription for it but you know next time I'm at the doctors I'm going to ask for it.
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I'd start with a pedicure. They soak your feet and scrape off the callused area.
Then I'd use supersalve especially over night. You can get it online.Or I'd try pure  lanolin. I lean towards the health food store stuff.
Good luck.
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I soak my feet in a hydrogen peroxide and water mix then use a scrub type brush to slough of the dead skin.  There is a product that was originally for cows udders (go ahead and laugh) called bag balm.  It works wonders and is a thick cream not a watered down hand cream.

Gotta wear my sandals, flip flops and go barefoot in the summer.

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emulsion w/ 50% urea

Ummm. I'm gonna ask the obvious - couldn't you just do the 100% urea treatment in the shower? Both convenient and free -which BTW reminds me of someone I used to date.

I think I just figured out why I have such sexy feet :)
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moisturizing booties or socks, wear them at night while you're sleeping, slather a bunch of bag balm or lotion on beforehand
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