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dumb arse quotes docs have actually uttered

care to add to the list?

"You can't be insulin resistant, you are not diabetic or obese".

"If you are not having sides the meds are not working"

"You will lose weight during tx"

"The new drugs will not be used on tx naive patients"

"You can't treat acute hcv , only chronic"

(the last 2 I paraphrased from previous posts,.... I know, heresay your honor.)  lol

In their defense though, I know for evey crappy one there is a counterpart that is caring and informed..... just wish I could find one.

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that upper right side pain is only gas
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oh funny.....except when it cost us our lives.

"your ultrasound is fine so there's nothing wrong with your gallbladder"
        patient develops sepsis soon after and surgeon later calls it worse case ever)

"you don't need that test because your ultrasound is fine"
        right  test finally reveals 10-15% of normal function only

"I know you say you have 18 symptoms of the disease, but you can't have it, it's very rare"
        Patient has 10 tests and 3 doc then confirm that rare is what's happening

"there nothing wrong with your liver or spleen," (for a year running I heard this line)
        Patient is finally referred and diagnosed with both organs enlarged and stage 3/4 HCV    after threatening to go legal.....reasoning, not a strong suit there either

"you've been reading on the internet!!!!! "
        well now you went and done it!

"couldn't that medication destroy my liver" well yes but you don't want that rash do you?"
         spoken as only a true dermatologist could. Derma logic needs some work.

"well you feel better after this tranquilizer  shot so it must be just nerves or stomach acid"
          ER guy....and nope, it was peritonitis you DMF...

I could keep going but why...you get the picture.

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"the preparation for the colonoscopy is a little unpleasant" and "we'll probably use a different a different scope for the subsequent endoscope"
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"You can look that blood test up in the internet I am not getting into it"

When I asked if my liver was enlarged response was "you didn't ask if it was too small" I coulda wiped that friggin' smirk off his face with my fist at that time.

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My GP wanted to evaluate my liver in light of my HCV status.  He ordered a CT of abdomen with oral and IV contrast.  I underwent the procedure, then asked him what he learned about my liver.

He said, "this test doesn't really tell you anything much about the liver."
I said, "well why did we do it then?"
He said, "to see if you have cirrhosis or liver cancer."
I said, "but I know I don't have cirrhosis or liver cancer."
He said, "how do you know that?"
I said, "because I'm not sick!!!"

Just another freaking expensive diagnostic test that only rules out something, if indeed it even does that!

Soon thereafter I made the appt with the hepatologist.
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A very young, dumb, and full of  ***... apache1,  did a blood test, and ended up with a shot in the butt,  for 'something' we won't relate to the forum. As the Dr was giving me my medicine, this was said to me when I was 22,

"Your liver enzymes are slightly elevated, but its probably nothing."

Little did I know decades latter what 'nothing,' and 'slightly elevated liver enzymes' really meant, and how it would affect me now.
Would it have mattered for me?...probably not. Wonder how many other people's hcv got passed over similarly and went on to cirrhosis.


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Thats great!

When I first notice my liver enzymes were high (pre-hcv diag) and point this out, the nurse said, we usually don't get concerned until they are around 300.


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My first Gastro told me I needed to start tx right away and when I asked him about doing a biopsy first, this is what he said:

" We both know your a drunk and your liver is cirrhotic so why waste time, and money "

I wanted to slap the **** out of him!

Went to another Gastro had the biopsy and it revealed Stage 1 , Grade 2.  I made a copy and took it to the first Gastro and wrote a not so nice note on it.

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But before I was diagnosed I barely passed an insurance exam and was found to have just out of range LFT's.  I googled high LFT's and had reason to believe it was possible (but unlikely) I had HCV.  I arranged to be seen and had to insist on an antibody test (he poo pooed the idea).  One was administered and I never heard back from the doctor about the results even though he went through another meeting with me to speak about the results of a treadmill stress test I took. (uneventful and unnecessary as i had suspected.  A nurse friend later told me that anyone who could run a 7 minute mile was an unlikely candidate for the test.  They never even got close on the test to a "stress level" and stopped; I was pronounced "healthy")

8 months later I got a call from the CDC about my "reactive" HCV elisa tests.  My doctor never told me.  According to the person from the CDC doctors are not even required to do so (or were not at some point); it was left to their discretion.  Once upon a time it was thought by some that the diagnosis was more stressful and harmful to the patient......since there was no "cure" better to not tell them.  !!!!?????

I thought...... what about knowing might keep people from drinking.......or from sharing razors, needles, etc?  You have to wonder how many people were infected due to poor response or lack of response by the medical field.  The occurrence I speak of happened in 2002; not in the 90's.  I have met/ heard of many people who were not told of their DX; many others who through stupidity or ignorance were skipped over by a simple antibody test.  

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I am one of those that was not told of their diagnosis.  My GP tested me 12 years ago and never told me I was positive.  Had me believing that alcohol was the reason my enzymes were ALWAYS elevated.  Now I know better but I surely would not have been drinking like i was, not saying never but not as much.

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My G.P told me “you have Hepatitis C. and obvious Liver Damage. There is treatment but there is no cure. I recommend you see a Hepatoligist.” It took about 5 weeks to get an appointment. Keep in mind prior to dx; the only thing that I knew about HCV was that it killed one of my aunts. For 5 weeks I walked around thinking I was dying. I called all the kids to come over to my house because I had something to tell them. We all cried because I was basically telling them I was dying.
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Within a certain general context I didn't find all of those quotes that "dumb", and just to pick one "you will lose weight on treatment", the fact is that many will so maybe the word "may" have been a better choice.

Here are some I have heard:

From an internist: "You mean, you actually give yourself the injections"

From a dermatologist: "Yes, I know all about HCV treatment, so how long will you be on the drugs -- six weeks?"
From an ENT (first visit) : Can't say I can tell you whether this could be caused by your treatment, I don't know anything about it.

Same ENT (second visit) (see above)

Tenth visit (see above)

(Now given all the $$$ he's made off me (ten visits total) you might think he would have taken ten minutes to research HCV tx and my case.
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