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excerises durning treatment

today will be shoot two. last week wasn't too bad. Just tired sometimes got a little spacey. I think the key for me is not to feel sorry for myself otherwise might find my self in bed 24/7.  

I just started working out a little right before I started treatment and am planning on trying to keep it up durning treatmnet just wondered what others approach to excersises was/is.

Also about 6 months prior to starting treatment I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which currently is under control thanks to meds and diet change and excerises. Anyone else here diabetec as well?
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I want to warn you that if you get anemic from TX you will have a very difficult time keeping up with your exercise program. Anemia translates into less oxygen in the blood and that means fatigue upon little exertion. Also it is risky to your cardiac health to push yourself if you are anemic so watch out for the tell tale sign - breathlessness upon slight exertion. And, of course, watch your labs closely. Otherwise exercise is always a good idea.
Yes, I am diabetic. I became diabeteic after my liver transplant and I have been told that roughly 30% of liver transplant recipients got diabetes or, at least, that was the case in 2000. Good luck. Mike
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Goodluck with the workouts. I used to workout twice day 5-6 days a week. I have 18 shots to go. I worked out after the 1st shot too but that was it. I haven't been to the gym since last August. I know world class runners who are on the same treatment that continue to do real excerise but in my case I just can't muster the energy.

Again Good luck and I hope things go better for you than me.

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as mentioned already, watch your symptoms carefully and learned the warnings so that you can ask for intervention when warranted.

I started tx in July'04. I had signed for the state Summer Run series that started in June of that yr. I would come home after the run, and collapsed in bed, many times shivering under the blankets. I am not sure what was at work, since this was pre tx. When tx started I continued the "running" but noticed I was becoming short of breath and I used my inhaler, thinking it was a bronchospasm. My PA kept saying everything looked good, each time I went for my visit and CBC results, so I thought it was asthma or something. By the time the Series ended in August, I was struggling. Finally at the end of Sept, I complained of chest pains, took a look at my hgb and saw it was 10.2! all this time she kept saying all is well! From then on, I kept copies of all my bloodwork and monitored it myself!
I also did one to two classes of cardiokickboxing at the Y, before, during and post tx. I liked the class so much, I FORCED myself to go, and did not regret doing so. You might find yourself pushing to get started, but push, as long as your anemia is controlled. If it is not, you might get one of those drs that wait until you are almost ready for an autopsy before intervening, take it easy. get copies of your bloodwork, try to do some form of physical activity even if you have to push yourself, it will help keep some muscle tone and your recovery post tx might come faster.
best to you
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I swam laps for 2 weeks into treatment, when I quickly hit the wall. I wasn't safe in the water.

Next I walked for a month or so. Normal pace for a mile or two.

After that I took up bon-bonning. You line up 12 bon-bons and see how quickly you can consume them. I remain quite good at that.
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Good luck to you on the exercise. Like Mikesimon said it is a matter of air for some of us. My whites crashed and moving across my office became a major event. If you feel any breathing difficulties I would back off and not overtax your system. I've got 31 of 48 weeks left and I am more mobile than before. I haven't missed any work but I have nothing left to do much at night or weekends. It makes me feel lazy but I know its the treatment. Good luck to you. Dale
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Great subject.

My first 4 mths included fairly hard workouts and two mile walks.  Here in mth 6 things are a bit more difficult.  Try focusing on breathing when all else fails:

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Exercise to tolerance if you can, in other words don't over-due it.  I've found that exercise helps me tolerate the treatment drugs better and try to do so when I'm able.

You may be able to start out running, then later jogging, eventually power  walking, then maybe just strolling.  We all react different to the treatment drugs, we all have different hemoglobin levels on treatment, and we all function differently at different hemoglobin levels. Age, prior fitness, and genetics all play a part.

If you find yourself not functioning well, speak to your doctor about Procrit. Personally, I try and Powerwalk a couple of miles a day. I've been successful about half the time. Without bragging LOL prior to treatment it would be a rare day that anyone other than a runner would pass me on a powerwalk. I still feel like I'm doing my old pace but just about everyone passes me. LOL.

Hemoglobin, hemoglobin, they name is humility.

-- Jim

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Pre-treatment I walked all the time. I just enjoyed walking and with my job I would walk around the plant as much as possible just to walk. Once the treatment started a trip to the back of the plant is an ordeal. I usually get in the car and drive around. Swimming that would be suicide ha! I'm almost done just taking a shower. The bonbons sound pretty good. I've really gotten into peeling bananas with my feet and nibbling on them. I will be so glad to have energy again. I know that will be a true statement for all of us. DR
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I was able to work out easily for a couple of weeks (my usual, pretty assertive workouts).  Then anemia hit and I was down for a month.  But, I can now work out again--a little slower, not quite as long, but when I do it, it feels really good.

If you feel up to it at all, it will help your mind and body.  Some bad days I'll just go swim for 5 minutes (hottub for MUCH longer afterward).  Never a regret.  

I've found that one of the easiest things to do is workout on the weight machines.  Not aerobic but you can always lift light weights--maybe it will help with that so-called muscle wasting...

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Goofy's bon bonning has become my fudgicling...that's a workout that I can appreciate over and over and over and really get myself around!

The things we enjoy and stay skeletally thin in the interim - in fact I'd be AFRAID to exercise now my GOD I don't need to burn up one single calorie that I can keep in lol what a terrific feeling hahahah.

Anybody seen CanDo Man I don't see him posting that's not like him at all.
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After I first began with the battle of anemia - which was the physically and mentally most challenging thing that had EVER happened to me - I no longer exercise at all during treatment.  

My hemo went from 15 to 9 in a bit over a week and I was physically devastated. It's not just how LOW it goes but how FAST and it was just beyond words. I could not even stand up without fainting.

I've always been a very athletic and energetic person but now I save up EVERY SINGLE BIT of energy that I have in my body. It takes that much just to walk talk and get through the day.  My hemo is back up to a solid 11 from the original 15 but that does NOT allow for any workout type thing for me at all.

It takes every single calorie I can consume just to keep going.

Be careful that you don't wear your body out.  Shot 2 is VERY VERY VERY EARLY in treatment and you still SHOULD feel physically fine - the drugs haven't ravaged your body and tried to kill it yet (which generally is the purpose of the drugs to kill what's inside us those bad germs the suckers!)

Make SURE you are getting a CBC every single week and while it's certainly OK to exercise while you can...and I did constantly before treatment ... don't be surprised if it takes all your energy just to shower and shave and get to work later. THAT is REALLY like a full day of working out at the gym on the stairmaster right now to most of us.

For real. (PS I'm like week 27 or 28 of 60 or so I always forget as I don't pay much attention until I need a pcr) :)
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I try to walk a couple of miles a day.  Since I am only on shot 5, I still have energy to walk.  However, my HGB has fallen from 15.1 to 12.7 in the past month.  Hopefully, it won't keep falling, if it does, then I will most likely become a 'bon-bon person' :)

Does anyone have very sleepy days a couple of days after the shot?  I can hardly stay awake, then three days later energy is back.
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