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exercising while on pegasys/ribavirin/incivek

I currently exercise 4-6 days a week and concerned about the side effects of this treatment.

I was a non-responder in 2002, it was like i had the flu for a year.

I'm in 10 times better shape now than i was then.

My question is, to anyone on this triple therapy, are you still able to exercise regularly?
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i'm in a clinical trial with peg/riba and a PI (not sure if i'm getting a placebo or the real PI).  i'm in my 7th week and so far i'm still doing my cardio classes 3x a week.  i don't always last the whole hour but it's better than not going.  i've become a little anemic for now.  good luck with your tx and may your sides be minimal.  belle
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I did treatment in 2007, and felt rough most of the time, now I'm on triple therapy and still make it to the gym after working all day most nights. Some night like tonight there is no way you can make it, after lunch today and taking the incevik I really felt run down and came home to lay down. I truly believe the problem today was I slacked on the water, I've been pushing myself to drink some water every time I pass the water cooler and it's been working well, but today I went along time without any water. I'll know tomorrow because I won't let that happen again. Good luck
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Glad to hear you're still doing cardio!...I drink atleast a gallon of water a day...I should be starting sometime in september.
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Hey!!  Everyone responds so differently to treatment that it is impossible to predict how you will feel.  I had the best of intentions to stay my active self, but in the end, I could barely walk across the yard.  Others can do more, but the consensus is that you will be much more tired.
I just wouldn't push yourself to the point that you pay for it for days.  Let your body tell you what to do and believe me  - it will !!!!

Best of luck, Anne
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Anne nailed the answer for me. I have always been in good shape and a regular exerciser and been on triple therapy for 7 weeks. I always said I wouldn't let something keep me from exercising. I have pushed myself to the point more than once where I could barely make it through the day. Not good. My first priority is doing the treatment to the best of my ability all the way to the end. I have notice though that some people are fine! I hope it is good for you and good luck.
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I was exercising all thru tx with Peg/Rib/Alinia.
My motto is SVR or no SVR there will be life after tx and the better shape you are in
the better. It is a considerably long treatment and execise among other things boosts
immune system and brain function as long as you not totally over do it.
Best scenario is if you were exercising before tx because your body is used to a certain
level and you know what your can tolerate. While on tx this becomes hard to assess
because of fatique , anemia ect.... I continued doing the same routine on tx but reducing
intensity by about 30%. A heartrate monitor is a good idea.
I am in pretty good shape post tx now because of it considering I did 60wks with high and predosing Riba.

just my two cents...
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