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Looks like you characters aren't done with me yet.  Just got back from the GI and he is allowing me to extend for 8 weeks.  He was good with extending 12 weeks, but 8 weeks will give me 36 weeks clear after a sensitive PCR and that is enough for me.

Why am I happy?  Extending this torture?  My decision is based a lot on how I have handled tx.  Other than low white and red blood counts, fairly well.  I don't think 8 more weeks will be that bad and it is a slow time at work, and I think I can cruise on through.  My end date was June 9th, and now it is August 4th.  Think I would like to plan a big nice fall vacation....

My stats, et cetera...
58yo female, infected probably 1970, 1a, 1.52 IU/mL pretreat VL, bx G1`, S1.
At 12 weeks I had a Labcorp QuantSure PCR, sensitive to 2 IU/ML and I tested at 40 IU/mL.  I did not have another sensitive PCR until week 20 and it has a Heptimax, sensitive to 5 IU/mL and clear.  I will do shot #45 tomorrow.

According to the Berg study, patients who were not clear with a VL of under 6000 IU/ML at 12 weeks have an increased chance of clearing with extended treatment - now that study compares 48 with 72 weeks and I choose not to do a full 72 weeks.  The Drusano study suggests that 36 weeks clear gives the patient on geno 1 a better chance of clearing (both these studies targeted geno 1, the hardest geno to clear)

So, here I am through the summer. I know there are others trying to make this same decision right now and I must say I feel better having made mine.  
friole -- frijole -- kathy

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I just posted to you down below. I guess I have my answer!  Good thinking and reasoning, I think 8 should be enough. Honey did 53, I think, as did her hubby. It worked for them and it should for you. I am waiting on cloud 9 for you, Chellski and Sandi. Ina is already here with the others...
take care!
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I've found that anticipation is worse than the event and being undecided about TX is extremely difficult to deal with. Just making a decision is stress relieving. I think you've made a smart move and I too think the time will pass comparatively easy in light of the TX you've already done. I wish you the best of luck. Try not to look too far down the road - just take it one day at a time and you'll be fine. All the best , Mike
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I think you're  making a good decision.  Good luck with the extended weeks.  After 45, I'm sure 8 more will be a breeze for you.
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Sounds like a smart, well-thought out plan.  Plus, you have an end-date to shoot at. How much riba do you swallow? It's funny, although sad at the same time, that we become such good students of this disease. With brain fog you can forget where your keys are, forget how to write a check, forget your meds but when it comes to recalling study abstracts and details - we're on top of it. Go figure.
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Your dr is right on top of it all.  Glad you made your decision and will see you at the finish line. Your right, 8 more weeks is nothing to win this war.

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just wanted to say hello and wish you the best. sounds like you know what to do.
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if nothing else-misery loves company...i am so glad(for you) that the decision is Done and mildly pleased that you will continue trx w/ us...isn't that aweful? Best of LUCK
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I'm still working hard on my own personal decision since I was at 400 at week 4 and 12 (under the 6000 but still pos at week 12).

I am so glad for you that you have resolution. I've been going through hell just trying to get myself geared up "just in case" I need to go the 72 (as a geno1a and b I think I probably should but I don't WANT to).

It sounds like you are doing a great course of action and I am so happy you know where you are going my friend.

I'll still be here with you....

How's post season life treating you? You finally get some rest?

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I think you made the best choice.  Make sure every last one of those little buggers is dead.  I would like to see my hubby go on as well but not with his weight loss & depression.  For him, it is better to stop at 48 and pray for the best.

My doc officially took me off Tuesday @ 47 wks.  He said one more week should not make a difference especially since I was clear at 12.  Nausea is gone and food is starting to taste good again.  I ate a banana this morning which I have not been able to do since starting tx.  Still very weak & brain dead tho.

You'll be in my thoughts & prayers.

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Hey Kath,

What dosages have you been taking?
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I think you made a very well reasoned decision. If you had more significant liver damage, maybe a longer extension might be warranted. Still, if you're feeling pretty good as you approach the 56 week mark, consider then adding that xtra 4 weeks, depending on labs, etc.  No need to make any final decision now, unless you're more comfortable that way. All the best!

-- Jim
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Just couldn't help myself there.
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