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fibroscan score

Hello i am new, please can someone help me to understand what this means.
My frend is Hepc number 3 but the medecine did not work. this is the scan. is it good medium or bad?

Liver Segment 5                                            Liver segment 8

Vs (m/s)              Depth (c/m)                                   Vs (m/s)          Depth (cm)  

1,54                                  6,9                                              1,41                          3,3
1,68                                  7,9                                              1,66                          4,0
2,22                                  4,0                                               1,81                         7,9
1,83                                  5,7                                               1,59                         7,9              
1,94                                  4,9                                               1,82                         3,2
2,54                                  6,9                                               1,81                         4,7
1,33                                  5,6                                               1,32                         3,5
1,81                                  7,1                                               2,08                         4,3
2,16                                  3,5                                               1.69                          6,4
1,81                                   5,6                                              1,67                          2,9

Mean         1,89                                                                        1,69
Std Dev     0,35                                                                        0,22              

Overall Mean     1,79
Overall Std          0,30
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I've had the Fibroscan,mine was 21 and the cut off for cirrhosis was 15,so I began to freak,and then I had a comparative ultrasound done with one done two years ago,too my amazement my portal had no hypertension,spleen was normal and the gallstone was the same determination was a slightly enlarged
echonicity oor fatty liver! no were near what the fibroscam,sorry scan had determined so on the net I went.What is this Fibroscan,well after much study i found that they get false positive reading and how?with enlarged livers,What I'm saying is it is not the gold standard they would like you to believe,biopsy still is that's why no madical insurance will cover it in Australia,it still has to prove itself and it's use.Apparently it's mobility
give it good use in sick hospital patients and biopsies have risks,but don't be too worried and if you want the best diagnosis ask for a liver Biopsy.
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can any one advice my liver status..i did elastrography and my ARFI value of liver range is 0.67 - 1.23m/s..
LIVER: normal in size (140 mm) and contour. Parenchymal echotexture is increased NO IHBD. CBD is normal

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I think you need to research this subject more yourself on this website & maybe other liver related sites like AASLD , EASL

I'm not a doctor or an expert on this subject , however my understanding is that F3 is not great and not to terrible either ... I am F3 and not at all worried about dying from this anytime soon .

Many people have F4 Cirrhosis and live many years with that condition .

Your friend should not drink alcohol & maybe you should consider researching liver friendly supplements also ...

ALT is a part of the liver function test ..

Hope this helps you and your friend not to panic & best wishes , Aaron
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Thankyou sir

i did copy paste to make easy to read

1.13 m/sec (mean, 1.16 m/sec ± 0.17; range, 0.95–1.4 m/sec) for patients with stage F0,

1.17 m/sec (mean, 1.18 m/sec ± 0.18; range, 0.84–1.70 m/sec) for patients with stage F1,

1.22 m/sec (mean, 1.34 m/sec ± 0.34; range, 0.86–2.50 m/sec) for patients with stage F2,

1.64 m/sec (mean, 1.75 m/sec ± 0.51; range, 1.15–2.63 m/sec) for patients with stage F3,

2.26 m/sec (mean, 2.38 m/sec ± 0.74; range, 1.15–3.83 m/sec) for patients with stage F4.  

so i think my frend is F3 as he has 1,79

this is not good yes?

so does this mean he will  soon die?

i do not know ALT the report does not tell ALT, but he will not take more  medecine as moneytary problem. so what to do?

doctor will take rs 500 just for to tell what is the report. they only care money money

is there sum good news i can tell to him?

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Sorry , I may have not completely understood the ARFI test readings ... after further reading .... I suggest you go to the link ....


And read it completely or get some help to read it ...

Your ALT levels are also a factor in the test result interpretations .... that info you did not give ....

Or ,maybe best to go back , or call the lab where the test was taken and ask them to review it for you .

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The machine you were scanned with is not a FibroScan machine ......

It is the latest Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) device produced by Siemens ... it looks very promising for non invasive 3d & 4d organ and tissue scans ...

FibroScan is a TE - Transient Elastography device - they are different types of scanning systems.

For the numerical reference's you gave ...this is what i was able to find :


ARFI Imaging:

The median velocity measured with ARFI imaging in the 20 healthy volunteers was 1.10 m/sec (mean, 1.13 m/sec ± 0.23; range, 0.85–1.42 m/sec).
The velocities measured in the study patients ranged from 0.84 to 3.83 m/sec. According to the different Metavir fibrosis scores, the median velocities in the study patients were 1.13 m/sec (mean, 1.16 m/sec ± 0.17; range, 0.95–1.4 m/sec)

for patients with stage F0, 1.17 m/sec (mean, 1.18 m/sec ± 0.18; range, 0.84–1.70 m/sec) for patients with stage F1, 1.22 m/sec (mean, 1.34 m/sec ± 0.34; range, 0.86–2.50 m/sec) for patients with stage F2, 1.64 m/sec (mean, 1.75 m/sec ± 0.51; range, 1.15–2.63 m/sec) for patients with stage F3, and 2.26 m/sec (mean, 2.38 m/sec ± 0.74; range, 1.15–3.83 m/sec) for patients with stage F4.  

It looks like your overall  "mean" of 1.79  =  the same as Metavir F2 ....

Hope you can understand the english ... this machine is new to me , so thank you for introducing it & good luck !

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thankyou sir, I have found that  the machine is Siemens Acuson S2000 Virtual Touch  but i cannot understand how the reading is. i do not know english nicely and have to use a book. do you know how this machine gives the score? please help me. i think you are very inteligent and  kind person
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I've has two FS exams and the numbers units you posted are different from anything I've seen. FS measures stiffness of the liver in units of pressure, typically kiloPascals (kPa). There are many units of pressure but "Vs(m/s)" doesn't look familiar. Also, in the two readings I had, the depth of the measurement was not available as a separate output.
Here's the protocol from trial NCT00125762, a US-based FS trial:

"A minimum of 8 valid measurements will be obtained for each subject from the right lobe of the liver. The tip of the probe transducer will be covered with coupling gel and placed on the skin, between the ribs at the level of the right lobe of the liver. The operator, assisted by an ultrasonic time motion image, will locate a portion of the liver that is at least 4cm thick and free of large vascular structures. The depth of measurement will be between 25 mm and 65 mm. During the acquisition subjects will lie on their back with the right arm behind the head, in a similar position to that used for liver biopsy. The physician will take the measurements with the probe placed in the intercostal space. The median value of the estimates will be kept as the elasticity value of the liver for a given patient. The entire examination should last approximately 5 minutes. "

many of your readings seem outside that depth range. On an ordinary FS, any reading below 5 is basically a healthy liver, but you should confirm the units to understand the report.
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If I'm reading it correctly it looks like you have very MINIMAL liver damage. Congrats!
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thankyou, you are very kind
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I'm sorry I never had a fibro done only a biopsy so I dont know how to read it.
I am sure someone else will.

Just wanted to make sure you knew you were not being ignored - it's just most of us go by biopsy.
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