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first treatment injection

Had my first interferon shot today. Is there an easier way of injecting myself, other than the "pinch and stab" advice i got from nurse? It took me about 10 minutes of psyching myself up to do it.
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Welcome from the outside to the inside. Get ready to put a toolbox toghther for working on your treatment. The forum is full of tools take the ones you need and leave the ones that don't work for you.Put the good tools toghther in your toolbox and go to work on giving youself a shot at ridding this virus from your body. The first tool I put in my box was a drinking glass for water. That glass to me is like a hammer to a carpenter. I wish all the best with your tx.

p.s You know if you get in a bind and don,t know what tool you need. Then you pull the forum out of your toolbox like a mechanic would use a auto manuel to fix a car. You can use the forum the same way.
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Ask someone to give you the shots.  I give my husband his.  Good luck.
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I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through what most of us are doing right now.  It was a bit unsettling to me the first time as well, but it does get easier with time. I do my shot on Thurs after work, and now consider it like a weekly chore that I don't favor doing, but eager to get it over with for the week. (Kinda like cleaning the toilet..not my most favorite chore) LOL.  It feels like a relief to me after I do it, and then I sit down and keep my weekly log (from the Be In Charge Program) and then usually write an entry in my personal journal about how I am doing. I have a "healing" stone in a little mesh bag attached to my personal journal, so my routine is to give my healing stone a couple of rubs.  It seems to work for me spiritually. I have been keeping records since week #1, and I am now in my 10th week.
Also, usually about 5 days after my shot (Redipen), I get a 3" rd. rash.  This disappears after about 2 weeks.  Sometimes it's a little itchy, but not too bad, so I just touch the spot with my arm (not scratching it) and it feels better.
Best of luck to you cat, and let the healing begin!
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Hi hope you are doing ok since the shot. There is not other way. Just pinch and shoot. It does get easier. Take care, Debi
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thank you all for your input. had a terrible night last night after my first shot, body aches, fever and chills, this continued for most of this morning also. i'm using the redi-pen and hope shot number 2 is easier. thank you all.
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You will get used to it.  Believe it or not while it's never fun...it becomes MUCH easier to just pinch and jab in the future.  Most of the time I don't even pinch anymore I just go 1,2,3 and jab it in and push that plunger for all it's worth.

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