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flaxseed oil

some mornings I'm just not hungry when its time to take my riba.  Is it ok to take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil instead. I want the fat  for the riba but I dont want to eat yet.  
I'm concerned because of the fiber levels in flaxseed and i dont want the riba to be washed out with the fs.
any comments or ideas?
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There is no fiber in the oil (unless added and the label should reflect this) I am doing the same thing but have no real idea if it is helpful. Just seems ok to me. jerry
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I always figured if I dont get an upset stomach or nausea after taking any meds, then its ok the fat has done its job, but with riba sometimes because of the sx you just dont know.  
I'll try it too.  
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You should be ok with just the oil and not the ground seeds as they do 'scrap and clean "the intestines...ill be taking virgin coconut with my riba...much more better for the body...do a google on...".the benefits of coconut oil"...YOU WILL BE AMAZED
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I was drinking coconut  milk for a while because I heard coconut oil raised cholesterol and was a "bad fat".  
I was talking to a nutritionist and she advised it wasnt good.
Since I am not a big believer of western medicine; dont get me wrong I will try all natural resources first before going prescription. So I chalked her off as just another nutritionist that probably doesnt do any additional research other than medical.
Thats why I love this forum so much many of you dont just go with the answer a doc give you, but take it one step further and say what can I do naturally to enhance what the medical world tells me to do.  
To some extent I did listen because I havent bought any more coconut products.
I will look into coconut oil.
Thanks rocker
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I if you develop gas problems, it is probably the flax seed.  Just warnin' you.

I take very few supplements while on tx.  Too risky.  Save em for when you have completed tx. Very few do any good at all, save your money!

I suggest you go to:

and read up on supplements.

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be careful of quackwatch  sites like these are there to scare you away from heatlh products ...some of the 'quack type sites" are funded by big Pharma and the commericial food industries...BELIVE IT OR NOT
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Quackwatch is certainly not the only source one should consult. That would be as big of a mistake as basing a decision only on an Internet product sales site full of anonymous testimonials. Personal care decisions should be made with inputs from various sources, from recommendations by a trusted clinician or friend, to personal experience and beliefs, to gold-standard scientific studies untainted by commercial interest.

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I currently take a calcium supplement, magnesium, potassium and biotin.
I am a 49yr old female so I feel I need those for the bones, teeth plus I live in the san joaquin valley in california and currently its in the 100's so need the potassium.  the biotin is for my hair and scalp.
I was taking a liquid multi but I always forget to take it because it sits in the fridge and not with the rest of my pills.
I difenitely (cant spell) rely on various sources.  and will look at all sites.  
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and guess what else?
There are times when I take my riba , drink a bottle of water and go back to bed in the morning!
And nothing happens, I just tried it one day to see what would happen, as I wanted to get some more sleep and getting something to eat always wakes me up.

I have done this several times since and never get sick.

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You can take ribavirin with or without food, but taking ribavirin with a high-fat meal increases its biovailability 45% over taking it in a fasting state.


For this reason, I always took my ribavirin with my two largest meals of the day and made sure they contained adequate fat. According to my medical team, because riba has a long half life, the timing of the two doses isn't that important. I just made sure the doses were at least 4-5 hours apart.
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I am so glad you reminded me of the fat angle...
I had completely forgotten!

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Did I read somewhere that calcium supplements should not be taken during tx because it reduces the absorption of riba?  Or maybe shouldn't be taken with riba but several hours later?
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