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food is now disgusting

Tonight, I will do Shot #19 with 5 more to go - hardly seems possible.  New for me but what seems to be a fairly common sx - zero appetite and I mean nil.  I have lost about 15 lbs. in the last two weeks and it is getting more and more difficult to choke down the meds.  Any suggestions?  (I don't mind losing the 15lbs but at the rate I'm going, it's a pound a day and really don't need to lose more right now).  Most food is pretty repulsive at this point and my taste buds now have the strangest reactions to things.  About the only thing I can stand are those soft peppermint candies.  Oh, and I am in the Gilead Peg-Riba-Tegobuvir-GS9256 trial and not the new triple therapy so don't need the 60gr of fat..  Suggestions would be appreciated
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I became addicted to a smoothie made with low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt, vanilla soy milk and Whoppers (chocolate malt balls). It was yummy!  

That, combined with blueberry and watermelon liccorice got me through the last weeks of my Tela trial.

That probably explains why I was one of the few to actually gain weight-8lbs-over my 48 week tx.

Hang in there!!!

Wishing ya the best,

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I was going to suggest choc or vanilla or whatever flavor you like milkshakes, I know my dad used to drink them when he was fighting leukemia and would add a can of ensure to it so there were some nutrients in it. Also soothed his throat. anne
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i'm so envious of you having gone so far.  i'm only on shot  #6.  i wish you all the luck in the world.  you've made it this far and there's light at the end of your journey.  best wishes, belle
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There is almost nothing worse than having no appetite when you need one.  Im sorry your having this difficulty.  Hopefully that will turn around as quick as it came!  I wonder if there is something you can take to stimulate your appetite that the doc can give you?   Wishing you well.  Lydia
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There is something they can give you for your appetite not sure what it is called but my md. did mention it. He said if I start loosing my appetite make sure to let him know, that he could give me something for it. I remember something from the 60's that used to give me a really good appetite. Dont think it was that. :)
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Mykids- thanks for the laugh this morning and also an idea that I know would work.

Unfortunately, those dairy products like milkshakes are at the top of the yuck list. Luckily I woke up a little hungry and was able to eat a few of those microwave pancakes (if I had to cook, I would never be able to eat).

Belle- you are doing great. You'll be surprised how fast the time goes even though it feels like an eternity sometimes.
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have you tried ensure? I could not eat either. lost 55 pounds. ensure helped me make it through my final weeks of 48. you think food dont taste good now, after tx food taste so good. the 55 pounds came back and some more.
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I know what you mean, my favorite foods were barely tolerable.  I just ate whatever I could, turkey dogs and beans were good,  Cereal and fruit (sweet fruits, peaches, bananas) went down really well,
I will tell you since stopping tx. I have been eating non stop and I'm trying to curb that.
5 more to go is a great place to be pretty soon it will be 4, then 3 then 2 then a great big thank you for the end of pills, and shots and feeling bad.
hugs, Mary
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Maybe you can stop by a Jamba Juice or something like that and treat yourself to a citrus squeeze or some other fruit smoothie.  As mentioned above, fruit like cold watermelon.  I know it may not sound as good as normal but you gotta eat something.  Try some rice, just some white rice with butter, milk or whatever you can handle.  Gotta make this work and you gotta make yourself feel as good as you can.  good luck amigo!!
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I have been eating non stop and I'm trying to curb that. "

It's amazing how quickly it switches from one way to the other.  It took me forever to get most of the post treatment weight i gainned off....I guess I forgot i couldn't drink milkshakes all day long anymore and boy it added up FAST.
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I did the Ensure route too...and I also used a less expensive product called Boost.  I would take it to work with me and force myself to choke it down with whatever I could eat of my lunch.  I had to dilute it with water to make it easier to go down.  I bought the "plus" version which had more calories.  I didn't use it instead of lunch, but in addition to lunch.  Lunch was usually a carton of yogurt (Organic Greek yogurt was the only kind I could stomach) and a sandwich made at home that was of whatever I thought I could eat that particular day.  
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Yeah. I'm living on Boost shakes especially w/ AM Incivik. Meakea - you and I use a lot of the same choices. I do love sugary cereal. Not so good for liver. But you can find no sodium choices like mini frosted wheat fruit flavors.
I've always been a smoothie fan. My immersible blender is my bff. Frozen n fresh fruit w/ a scoop of protein n greens. Nutrition is so essential. You gotta help ur body. Wish I could eat the frozen waffles or pancakes.
Have you tried just strolling the grocery aisle and grabbing what sounds good that day? Does ur dr. have a weight limit? If I get below 105, they will drop me. Sometimes I force feed myself and then lay down for an hour to hold it in.
All of this advice from a girl who just took her 3rd shot. I have no clue what you're going through. But I'm pulling for you. If I were there, I'd share my dinner w/ ya. Karen
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I too competely lost all desire toneat and went from 125 lbs  to 88 lbs. I rememberbeating really bland foods - lots jello and soup. Sorry you are going thru this - hang in there.
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I ate nothing but potato pancakes for a while.
Then for my birthday, a friend brought me a cheesecake which was wonderful. I ate a cheesecake a week for several weeks.
Smoothies were another thing I could get down.
Good luck
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