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grapefruit flavionoids

just read something about  grapefruit flavinoides inhibits hcv.
this interests me and i wonder if anyone else has heard of this??
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Most articles I've read on naringenin/grapefruit juice point the research that's been done at the Massachusetts general hospital.  They've discovered it may inhibit viral replication by interfering with secretion of new virus particles from infected cells.  This compound may be able to block the secretion of the hcv virus from infected cells, a process needed to maintain chronic infection.  

Researchers at Shriners Burns Hospital/ Harvard University revealed that naringenin a metabolite of the bioflavonoid naringin gives grapefruit bitter taste, noted that it may help fight the hcv virus.  This possible reduction in viral load by inhibiting viral secretion could allow uninfected cells to regenerate, which could potentially increase overall rate of viral clearance. "  
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I drink a glass every single day. Get the Simply Grapefruit brand, which is pretty much juice not juice extract. You can find it at Wal-Mart and most grocery stores. Pucker up...

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Julie, if you’re going to drink a lot of grapefruit juice and include it with other meds, be sure to discuss it with the doctor. Grapefruit juice can affect how your body metabolizes certain drugs, so clear it with the doc—

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I read those articles too. Some of them forget to mention that the level of naringenin concentration needed is impossible to achieve simply by drinking the juice, or even by taking supplements. I've drank grapefruit juice for 3 months, and it made me feel great, full of energy, plus my gallstones stopped bothering me. Yet, as for HCV, my viral load actually grew by the end of the third month. This is when I agreed to start tx. Don't mean to discourage you, but I don't think grapefruit juice is helpful as far as VL reduction concerned.
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Actually,not on any meds right now.
I have a prescription for priloseck but haven't filled it yet!
well i'm not going to start downing grapefruit ,lol!
there is a local trial i found ,considering trying to get in on it .
just not sure about being a ginnie pig,but on the other hand it's grapefruit whats the worst thing that can happen ?Still need to find out more about it before i make a real decision on it ! IT does seem a little crazy that something like grapefruit may turn into an alternitive to standard tx
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