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has anone filed for disability for Hep c and all that emcompasses?

I am a non responder, 5 years ago, cirrisis, so tired and confused, brain just does not work!! exhausted, diebetic, too tired and confused to work, depressed, dr suggested filing for disability but dont know if all these sysyptom to the desease qualifies.  has anyone out there tried ?
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I know over the two years I've been in here a lot of people have come on and asked that question but honestly I don't remember anyone saying it had come through.

I was on social security disability after I broke my back and suffered traumatic brain damage.  Even THEN it was very difficult to get and took a long long time with many many many doctor vists and VOLUMES of paperwork.

If you are home anyway you'd have nothing to lose. But just know while our disease does get considered for disability - I believe it's usually in end stage liver damage mostly.  you need to make sure you have a LOT of documentation proving you physically (or mentally) just cannot work.  If you have the time and the energy you really have nothing to lose by trying - but they are going to make it difficult for you in the hopes you will give up.

Some government - it's ok to come in from outside and then get food stamps and welfare and stuff but try being American and getting medical or dental or food or rental help? Impossible.

Sorry I know how absolutely dreadful that sounds but as someone who's been there and after working an entire lifetime trying to get my young children medical and my OWN MONEY BACK from social security - found it to be so incredibly almost impossible - that is how I feel.

I'm sorry that wasn't too informative but I get really hyped up when I remember what I personally went through. I wasn't going to post...but once I started it all came pouring out.

Good luck to you irregardless.
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Thanks,,,  I went though archives but so nothing,  I agree its amazing the benefits to illegals, I will try it as I have no choice.  I was really hoping for a more positive response.  but I guess that is the reality.  Anyone out there with any stories?  I would be glas to hear them,
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Hi Rudy.  I have hep c and other impairments, but individually none of them is severe  eneough to meet the criteria for an immediate government disability (SSDI) award, so I become a "multiple impairments" person and must make a battle of it and go the long route with appeals and an attorney etc.  I applied a year and a half ago, was denied, then appealed for reconsideration, and if I am lucky I wil have a hearing with an SSA judge 6 months from now.  Then there will probably be more months of waiting.  Within the Soc Sec Admin there is a two year backlog of people waiting for hearings.  It's obscene.  One of the toughest things about the process is that you cannot be earning ANY income after your alledged date of disability onset.

In your case, it's possible that you fully meet an impairment requirement at this time.  Take a look at the SSDI hepatitis impairment link below, then go to the main page and wade through the material. If you plainly meet the impairment requirements for hepatitis c,  and you have your doctor's support, you have a lot going for you.  Consider seeking an SSDI  an attorney.  They often will consult for free.  

There is also a link here to a book I highly recommend.  I would be lost without it.

I say go for it!




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There are several people that have at HCV anonymous.  They may be able to help you.
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I beleive that you get better, quicker and easier results if you hire an attorney to help you file.People with hep c do get disability. -giddy
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I've had HepC since '76, diagnosed in '93, three-time non-responder hoping to get into VX-950 trials.  I am on private disability through my work, but that's about to run out.

I had to file for Social Security disability in order to get the private disability payments, but I would HIGHLY recommend getting an attorney.  My attorney works on a contingency basis.  If I don't win, he doesn't get paid.  I've been turned down, as everyone initially is, so we've appealed.

If it helps you any, an orthopedist I saw as part of my Social Security disability evaluation said he knows of HepC patients who have gotten full disability from Social Security based on HepC alone.

As for the other comments regarding our government, I couldn't agree more!  Don't even get me started!  Our government has its head so far up its own ass I'm ashamed to be American sometimes.  I'm seriously considering moving to another country.

Well, I'm already started.  I just have to tell you the best story I know of, but it's true.  I worked in a courthouse and know of a criminal trial where a Colombian who had imported almost two tons of cocaine into our country turned State's evidence against his cohorts.  In return, the Colombian and his wife and three children were put into our witness protection program and would be supported to the tune of $36,000 per year, not including full dental and health insurance, etc.  At the time, I was working 60 hours a week raising my three young children by myself with no child support because my ex terminated parental rights, and we couldn't afford health insurance!  What a great message to send to our kids!  Crime pays!
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