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hcv type 2

I have been diagnosed with type 2 hcv, and will start treatment in 2 days. I have seen three different specialists in the last 6 yrs and all three have made the statement that hcv 2 is not common in the U. S. So where is it common?? I have been told I've had the virus for 30 yrs or more. In that time frame I was stationed in korea and vietnam, is hcv2 prevelant in these countrys?? While there many people were diagnosed with hep, but nothing was known about hcv2 in those days. I have searched for this answer and have found nothing on the web related searches. I hope you can give me an answer, or somewhere else to look. much respect for what you do. robert
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"2a - is the most common genotype 2 in Japan and China.
2b - is the most common genotype 2 in the US and Northern Europe".

from and see:  http://janis7hepc.com/index.htm

All genotypes get around - it's not the water.
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This link will take you to one of my favorite papers on hcv.
Once there, scroll down to the second diagram on the left and expand it.


"Fig. 2. Evolutionary tree of the principal genotypes of HCV that are found in industrialized countries and their main epidemiological associations with specific risk groups. These genotypes of HCV are believed to have become prevalent over the course of the 20th century. The tree was constructed by using the neighbour-joining method as implemented in the MEGA package, using Jukes–Cantor-corrected distances between complete genome sequences."

I also have geno2b and was stationed in Nam?
Yes the diagram shows  g2 is prevalent in the Far East... and Mediterranean countries.


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I have type 2 b... never been out of the country.. Maybe advice you don't want..but how you got it or where does not really seem to matter once you have it. The good news for you is that you only have to tx for 6 months.. so many have to for a year. I know I am grateful for that. I finished in Dec and will find out in March if I am still UND.

Best of luck to you.
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