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hcvguidelines.org Update, HCV testing & linkage to care, April 24, 2014

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The website as a whole:
AASLD, IDSA, IAS–USA. Recommendations for testing, managing, and treating hepatitis C. http://www.hcvguidelines.org. Accessed April 24, 2014.

A specific page on the website:
AASLD, IDSA, IAS–USA. HCV testing and linkage to care. Recommendations for testing, managing, and treating hepatitis C.
Accessed April 24, 2014

A summary of recommendations for Testing and Linkage to Care is found in the BOX.

The last box on page (excerpt) go to link to read more
Evaluation by a practitioner who is prepared to provide comprehensive management, including consideration of antiviral therapy, is recommended for all persons with current (active) HCV infection.
Rating: Class IIa, level C
The definition of evaluation is: Patient has attended a medical care visit with a practitioner able to complete a full assessment, the pros and cons of antiviral therapy have been discussed, and the patient has been transitioned into treatment, if appropriate.Go to

Still waiting on
COMING SOON: In Whom and When to Initiate Treatment
COMING SOON: Management of Acute HCV Infection

NOTICE: Guidance for hepatitis C treatment is changing constantly changing ..... may be outdated by the time you read this. ...review this guidance on ..(www.hcvguidelines.org) for the latest recommendations.
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I will be on these combo pills till august 13th,2014, started may21st, no side effects , I have hep c since 1996, had on liver biopsy then, no fibrosis,grade none to 1. treated 3 times, non responder, geno 1a, two weeks ago had labs and nurse called and said everything was good but to expect it to drop, guess she meant anemia, just had 4 week labs, she called said everything was good, liver enzymes norma, and viral load undetectable! she said keep doing what i'm doing, i'm afraid to even have a twinge of excitement, i'm 65, absolutely no sides!! could I have some input from ANYONE about what they know and think and ifanyone is on this, thank you
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Hi and Welcome to the forum

Which treatment are you on? I am also a 3 time null responder GT 1a but I have cirrhosis. I just finished 12 weeks of Sovaldi Olysio is that what you are taking?

I had no sides really maybe some aching joints but who can tell what is a side effect and what is being 56?

My liver functions returned to normal in the 1st week and my viral load was undetectable a 4 weeks. Currently I am 2 weeks post treatment and waiting to hear if I am still undetectable at 12 weeks post which my doctor tells me is cunsidered cured of hep c

Good luck on your treatment
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