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headaches and insomnia

Hello, new new to the group, I have type 1 stage 1, began with 2+million vl, after 5 months of pegasus and copegasus, lost 20lbs, sides effects are becoming worse-major headaches daily, insomnia is becomming worse. Dr. suggests stopping treatment-seeing a phyc or giong in the hospital. Dr. is very conservative on meds. has me taking loratab and ambien. Neither work. Am seeing a new dr. in 10 days-need advice, need to sleep, need headache relief
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Are you drinking enough water?  It is very important during this treatment.  Even before I started tx I would use a glass of water for a headache.  

I still have plenty of headaches on tx but more water does help.  Good luck to you.

None of us are doctors here.  Just folks having to deal with the critters in us.  

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Missmiss hit it - water water water and it helps with my sides a lot. My doctor would give me cocaine to stop me from whinning but we compromised on Ambien and Lexapro before bedtime. I went through 10 to 12 weeks of insomnia before we found the right combination. I take Tylenol Extra Strenth when the head gets to pounding to badly. It helps but nothing stops it. I'm headed for shot number 17 though and still working but not nearly as productive with this brainfog. Did your doctor get you started on anti depressants before treatment started. Major consideration I think of course my Doctors degree came from Texaco A & M and my PHD stands for post hole digger. I hope you can hang on and the doctors can get you into a balance. Dale
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That's All! Join the club! :) I couldn't walk, talk, eat, sleep, think, or swallow. I have stomach aches and rashes all over, I've turned mean, depressed, and quick tempered. If the tx doesn't work I'm also going to be angry

...but what the heck--we do this to survive.

I have a headache right now and I'm sitting at work. We heppers tolerate the tx the best way we can. A trip to the mental health clinic and a prescribed antidepressant might help. It helped me. My whole body is still screwed up but I just don't think about it that much.

I hope tx works for you and that the time passes quickly
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anyone have any stats on what the " clear" % is for those who TX Geno 1, 1a, 1b...

I've just received my second BX in 5 years and it reads the same as 5 years ago... Grade 1-2, stage 1...

Focal mild lymphocytic infiltrates of portak tracts, mild interface hepatitis, focal mild necroinflammatory activity.
no iron deposion
no steatosis
Mild Portal Fibrosis

I've seen 3 heptologists in the last 8 weeks and 2 said DON't treat at this time.

"At this point, I would not recommend treatment with PEG-interferon and ribavirin UNLESS it would give you piece of mind to give your best shot at eradicating the virus. Based on your history (likely infection for between 25-35 yrs, very mild liver histology on 2 biopsies 5-6 years apart), your risk of developing serious liver disease is low. Furthermore, if you did progress, it would likely occur slowly and you would likely have ample time to choose to respond (i.e. treat) at that point".

The 3rd fellow is fine if I don't treat but all say BX every 3-5 yrs.

Any thoughts on this? one side of me says give it a shot and the other is why? I feel fine... My only stress is trying to make this decision.
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40% was the best chance my doctor gave me of clearing permanently with the treatment. I am a 1A. At your age and health my decision would have been to pass on treatment and see how it goes. If new medicines come out soon it may be more of a walk in the park. Good luck on your decision but in the end you have to make it. Dale
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thanks Dale, your opinions matter... i find this board so much more informative than the doctors...

I'm just trying to get feedback from you guys the experts given my BX history, age 54, and current fine health... i don't have any of the symtoms posted. fatique, muscle and bone pain, confusion...

mild Fibrosis, geno 1a, grade 1-2, stage 1... prob. have had C for 25-35 years....
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