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healthy food suggestions please discuss

problems with constant hunger and craving for mostly junk food *screams*  and when i don't eat any junk food, i stay hungry.  i need to up my vege and fiber intake more but serious, eating these raw is a bore!  and we have to avoid carrots and iron right?  
any suggestions for routine foods or simple recipes that could save me from this hunger would be graciously appreciated.

good luck everyone
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It's not really as hard to get fiber in your diet as people think. The thing to do is simply eliminate processed carbohydrates from your diet – white bread, white rice, potatoes, pasta, most cereals – and replace them with high fiber alternatives – whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, whole grain cereal, brown rice, etc.  Prunes have the most fiber of any food. Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast food.

You shouldn't eat any junk food. What are you doing the treatment for if not for your health? You can snack on whole grain fig bars, dried fruit, and nuts if you have a craving. There is nothing good about ingesting large amount of fat, processed carbohydrates, and sugar. You don't want to be cured of HCV only to give yourself a heart condition.

The veggie issue is harder. It sounds like you're not used to cooking vegetables. It is very important to eat vegetables, but I would guess it's going to be very hard to adjust your eating in that way.
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that seems so limiting.  but i will try to do what i have to do for the best
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Common sense....EAT RIGHT
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Apples have great fiber, make apple sauce, tastes great... eat oatmeal, fruit, steam veges, add lemon, braggs aminos,
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What happens if you limit yourself to say, one junk-food splurge per every five or six well-thought-through, healthy meals? It’s not a perfect solution, but it only has to get you through treatment. I just read your latest journal entry, “I miss being me”. It sounds as though treatment is getting rough for you right now. Just try to get through treatment; I’ve talked with folks that lived on fudgesicles and pizza, and went on to achieve SVR. Again, not a perfect world; this has got to be tough… you’re young, and this is a big change in your life.

Good luck, and hang in there—


PS; steamed carrots with butter, salt and pepper are really pretty good :o).
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Do you like to cook? Maybe not if you like Junk food but there are healthy receipes on the internet you can download some quick type to prepare and tasty
fiber is found in a lot of foods and good tasty foods
When you say junk food is it McDonalds or Burger King or Candy Chips etc?
Do you like sugar and sweets or fried and salty
As you can satisfy these cravings with all the foods recommended by others
if I am feeling like desert I get chocolate Cool Whip and put two big table spoons in a small cup or bowl tbs of smuckers sugar free rasberry jam top it with  a squirt of light whipped cream and slivered almonds  works fine and is a bit of junk food for sure but not too bad
the diet I downloaded is healthy low fat low carbs and low calorie with shopping list and the food is easy to prepare eating more often and eating breakfast is very important but I am not on tx yet so no foods really bother me
I was told once what you crave is what you shouldn't eat as cravings for foods often are foods you are allergic too
interesting concept not sure if it is true
Good Luck Eating well is for life just hard to do for some
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The junk food thing could be about getting an instant hit of energy from the carbs and the sugar when our energy levels are so low.  Low GI carbs (wholegrain) and raw veges take longer to digest and fill you up for longer. The best things could be soups - they fill you up for longer, are easy to digest and with a couple of bits of whole grain bread can give you that instant hit that lasts longer - particularly if the soup has a protein base. Protein base vegetable soups fill you up for longer and give you more energy.  The more veges and low GI carbs you eat and less sugar, the more sustained energy you have. Try salads for lunch and steak and veges for dinner - no carbs.  Get rid of the insulin kick by doing this and you will have less craving for carbs and instant energy fast food.
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I try to prepare things ahead of time to make them easy to grap....otherwise all I would eat would be watermelon licorice.

One favorite is shelled edamine--sold in the organic frozen food section of my grocery store.  I re-bag it in snack baggies with a little sea salt....great snack. Keep in freezer-grab and go.

Vanilla yogurt--or Activia.  When I am good, I add sliced strawberries or some blueberries-top with granola.  When I am bad...chocolate chips and granola =)

Someone had a recipe for fruit smoothies, maybe they will post.

Nuts are always good.  I keep some in my car and in my purse.  String cheese.  Keep grapes chilled in the fridge...refreshing.

Hard boil some eggs ahead of time to grab for a quick snack.

Hummus is great with either veggies or crackers.

I can relate...if I don't concentrate on eating good...all I would want is that licorice or pizza.

As you can see, my list is short because at week 17-nothing appeals to me anymore either.  Thanks for posting this thread.  I am hoping for some good ideas myself.

Wish  ya luck..hang in there


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Try eating "healty junk food"....i love power bars and barrels of organic soya ice cream...sesame seed rice crackers i love too....veggie pizza is another addition i have
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I went through a crazy period of only wanting to eat sweet things.  I was eating SO much sweet stuff that I thought I was gonna give myself diabetes...  I was having huge spoonfuls of honey in tea, then I just ditched the tea and went straight for the honey.  Then I moved on to peanut butter, sugary biscuits, lollies, anything to get that hit.  All of a sudden the cravings just stopped...

My favorite snacks now are cheese and apple, together, bite for bite, yum!  Good fiber in the apple, protein in the cheese.  For more fibre, if req, I have a few spoonfuls of LSA in a Bush Honey Organic Acidopholous Yoghurt, very easy to grab from the fridge.  I have oatmeal every morning with yoghurt.  I can't eat wheat as it makes me sick so it's quite hard for me to find things that work.

I eat lots of green leaf salads with home-made Balsamic Vinaigrette, and have fresh fish.  Stir frying veges is super quick and super easy and sooo tasty!  You can buy already prepped veges that you just have to throw in a wok with a tasty soy sauce.  You can throw in some brown or white rice if you want too.  You can buy that in microwavable bags that takes 90 secs to cook.

Sometimes you just need to eat what appeals to you rather than what you think you 'should' eat..  Get some healthy fats into your diet (nuts, avocado, olive oil, virgin coconut oil) as that really helps with you sense of wellbeing.  There's a reason for the saying fat and happy!!  I'm not advocating obesity, but a little good fat is OK.  Same as some pizza and ice cream is OK, too!!

Oh and we always have big, fat gourmet burgers with chunky fries and mayonnaise every Friday night.  Guess you could call that junk food, I call it yummy!!!

Good Luck!

Epi :)

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Chunky fries and mayo?.....my God...this will kill you before the hep c
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But I am soooo good the rest of the time....  And I have tofu burger on gluten free bun...
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