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help with mouth sores

My mouth has started to develop sores. It even feels like they are in my throat. Anyone know what will help? Thanks!
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Here are a few I've seen others post which have helped with the mouth sores.

Carafate - usually prescribed for stomach ulcers but comes in a suspension form used for mouth ulcers.

Famvir -  usually prescribed for herpes zoster but helps with mouth ulcers caused by treatment drugs.

Magic Mouthwash - relieves pain and promotes healing

Nystatin - usually precribed for thrush but works well for mouth ulcers and healing.

Kaopectate -  over the counter - swish and spit.  Coats the mouth, relieves pain and promotes healing

Stevia Concentrate (dark liquid)  Usually found in health food or whole food stores. Several drops daily

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Aphthous ulcers, liuke canker sores?  try hydrogen peroxide + water 50:50 rinse and spit.  Famvir also works and pediatric oral prednisone 5ml swish and spit.

If not apthous ulcers, check with Dr.  ? thrush {consider if you have HIV) can use Mycelex troches suck on it disolves in your mouth.

Good luck.  A good night's sleep will also do wonders for you.

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Thanks for the recommendations. Dr prescribed the nystatin but it has not helped with healing or pain. I'll try some of the others as well. Sleep - it seems beside work that's all I do.
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Number 1 is to get the neutrophil count back up.  Low count is causing the sores.  Then it's a matter of healing the ones you got from the low count, since no new ones should start after the count gets brought back up.  Use mouthwash as many times a day as you can remember.  If it hurts too much to eat, they can give you an anesthetic mouth rinse (similar to magic mouthwash, which has fungicides and other stuff added to its anesthetic).  I could not swish with it before eating, numb mouth just made me bite the inside of my mouth, but I did pretty well painting it directly onto the sores with a q-tip and just numbing the worst offenders.
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Low neutrophils as far as I know have not been associated with the mouth sores in fact I had great neuts but had the mouth ulcers for almost all of my course of treatment.

Dr. Jacobson said that the interferon causes them in some autoimmune type reaction and that they would disappear as soon as I stopped the IFN - within two weeks the ulcers were gone.

I painted on 50/50 peroxide water and that was about the most effective things that I found to kill them off - albeit temporarily they always came back.  so, the good news is once you are off the IFN they will be gone for good.
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I had low neuts, took Neupogen and did not have mouth sores, EVER.  You can't advise someone to get their neutrophil count up  when you don't know what the count is to begin with.

Mouth sores are associated with treatment the drugs and not specifically because of low neuts.  The drugs can exacerbate an exiting herpes problem,  aphthous ulcers can develop, thrush can develop.

Per my above post, there are remedies and drugs that can help.

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My neutrophils were good too and I had horrible mouth sores.
I have never seen anything which suggests an association between low neutrophils and mouth sores.

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My doctor attributed them to the interferon.  I never had low neuts, but I had plenty of mouth sores.  I used a product (OTC) called Oasis, a mouth spray with glycerine to keep the tissues moist.  It helped a lot.

Good luck, try the magic mouthwash and don't worry about your neuts.  Your doctor will alert you if they go too low.  Online diagnosis (e.g., "Low count is causing the sores.") is risky and sometimes downright preposterous.
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On treatment: Whenever I had mouth sores starting, I used a few drops of stevia. They subsided within 2-3 days. I ended up not getting them.

Recently: I had a gum infection and used stevia, it was gone within 4 days.

I use the dark liquid. It tastes like licorice and it can sting like hell, but it really gets the job done, as it has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

I know that this might sound a little odd, but I find that most of the time it works better than prescription stuff.
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Thanks to all of you for your support. I will try some of the OTC's posted.
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