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hep C and depression

Is there anywhere I can get help for depression and hep C. I'm a single parent who recently lost health insurance and have hep C. I've always been a loner, but I'm really scared for my kids. I had a horrible childhood, got into drugs in early teens to escape. I don't use drugs now, but a little too late I guess. I'm 47 and got away from the garbage at 27. My first daughter was born when I was 36 and the second at 38. If you met me, you would have no idea I'm sick or depressed and I just feel I'm falling. I had a catscan and an mri, but lost insurance right after, so not sure what anything means. I'm starting to feel little aches and pains that I've never felt and I'm just scared.
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The good news is you are very young to have cirrhosis of the liver which is usually when people start to have symptoms and cirrhosis of the liver would be indicated by your platelet count and scan results.
Why where a CT scan and MRI done?
If you post your CT scan and MRI we can tell you what they mean.

Only a medical doctor can diagnose the cause of your symptoms and treat you so you must be able to pay for medical services in some way.

Aches and pains are some common symptoms of clinical depression as are loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities (sexual desire and performance), fatigue, changes in appetite, sleep disturbances, and apathy.

What do you mean "I just feel I'm falling"?

Men tend to deny having problems because they are supposed to "be strong." And American culture suggests that expressing emotion is largely a feminine trait. As a result, men who are depressed are more likely to talk about the physical symptoms of their depression such as feeling tired rather than symptoms related to emotions.

In either case you need health insurance for your hepatitis C, liver disease or depression as these can be expensive to treat. If you don't have health insurance through your employer like most Americans than you should get a private health insurance plan. You should look into the Florida health insurance Marketplace/Exchange and see what type of health insurance you can get and afford. Healthcare coverage starts Jan 1, 2014 which is not that far away now. To learn more go to...

Good luck.
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Hi I am sorry, I understand feeling alone.  Can you get copies of your scans?
I would think you can still request copies of the tests and the reports.

I do not know what state you are in but there are state funded insurance plans.    The manufacturer of the HCV drugs can supply medications.

Hang in there, take a deep breath.  Other more knowledgeable people will be along to help just like the poster above,

Hector,  is one of the most knowledgeable people on here.
Take care, please keep in touch

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You can buy subsidized health insurance January 1 once they get the dang website fixed.  That will ease some of your worries.
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