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hep a and hep c

14 years ago i had mono and with that I had hep a.  Just recently i applied for life insurance and the told me that I had tested positive for antibodies for hep c.  But when I read my results they said the test was indetermined.  Do you think there is a direct relation ship bewteen the two hepatitis and the indetermined result
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“Do you think there is a direct relation ship bewteen the two hepatitis and the indetermined result”

No, I doubt presenting with Hep A antibodies affects your Hep C status now. If you have a copy of the HCV serology report, you can post it here, and someone will help interpret it. Usually, a reactive (positive) HCV antibody result requires follow up testing with either a “HCV RIBA” test, or a “HCV RNA by PCR” test for confirmation of active RNA infection.

Good luck—

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They are not related

There are other kinds of viral hepatitis such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E. These diseases and the viruses that cause them are not related to hepatitis C even though they also affect the liver. They may have other, different symptoms and different modes of transmission. This means that there are different ways of spreading the disease and different means for preventing and controlling these diseases.

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