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hep c and diabetic

dose eney one have problims dealing with typ 2 diabetes wen liver flares up , our wen your tx ing
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my spelling sucks i wish this web sight had a spell check on it
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web sight or web site!!!
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I have type 2 also. At the start of tx I had to up my insulin it is now leveled out at week 40. last A1C was 6.3 doc was happy so am I. maybe after tx I can back off some of the insulin I guess time will tell.Have a nice day
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my spelling,my driving my thinking , used to be better but, two years ago i had a compleat body system shut doun liver organs hart!i was found on the floar probly 12 houers latter leaking flued around the hart in a comma, blood sugar 25 mil i woak up in a hellacoptar once with a big neadal coming out of my hart,again with electric paddals and i was  stearing at golden gate bridge,, on a day to day basis some one on tx and stage 3 probaly feals better then i do my amonia leval is down to 65 this weak. the past 3 weaks my blood sugar is up to betwean 300 and 500!!  i can keep on going but i wont, you all probly have your owen bad storys you dont want to talk abbowt !! maby,!!!revenire can save his non medical coments thank you! please back to hep c stage 4 gino typ 1 others out ther if your diabetic and your having blood sugar problems  from your liver flare  ups eny ideas on dealing with it im on novolin r, lantus,and glipizide also [byetta]-lizzerd spit..........ps my meld scoar is under 16 now, that"s put another candal on the birthday cake time
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I couldn't spell diabetes before treatment, and now I is one.
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I too am a horrible speller for no other reason then I am a horrible speller. I too also have type two diabetiese and hep c. I treated for hep c for 30 weeks but in the end was a non responder. As far as the diabetes during treatment I had no praticualar issues. Just did what I always did/do take my meds and try to watch what I eat. I will say there was period while treating that I craved sweets and gave in more then I should have.

What drives me nuts is that it seems to me that my diabetes is caused by having hep c and was hopping that if I knocked the dragon out of me the diabetes would follow. Alas no such luck.
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