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hep c and ibs

I have been diagnosed with IBS as well as Hep c.  I was wondering if it safe for me to do a liver cleanse which also would include a parasite cleanse and a kidney cleanse.
Is this safe for me to do.
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no, liver cleanse and the others are not only big money makers but can be toxic not to mention mess with your IBS.
it's hype that you will "clean out the liver" ..it cleans itself every day....except of fat...you can go on a good healthy diet if you have NASH and lose liver fat nodules...
or if you have heavy metal poisoning you can get a real medical chelation, not the kind done at rejuvenation clinics...but at a real hospital...and this will help get some heavy metals out.

as far as the liver cleanses....anything with casscara is toxic to the liver as are a whole host of other herbs. Parasites die when herbal pesticides are given, again NOT good for the liver...find out if you even have parasites before proceeding.
Basically, "all natural" can also be a deadly natural pesticide in small quantity......in any quantity the only real beneficiary is the shlep who sold it and cares NOT what it does to your organs.

I think it may help you to go see a good nutritionist and find out also if you IBS is being brought on by nerves as a result of the HCV diagnosis. It could be calming down the nerves, or the bowel, and a gentle diet will solve this for you.
The only real kidney cleanse that causes no harm is plenty of fluids, and avoid acidic foods and drinks as well as things that can form stones such as too much aspirin or too much Vitamin C.
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I also have IBS and just finished tx.  I use over the counter probiotics and it has made the world of difference.  I just take one pill in the morning and I almost have no symptoms.  
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