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hep-c diabetes question


i hope i can get some infos about hep-c/glucose here.

on my last year lab results,glucose was 4.8,but this year it was 6.0.

does that mean i have diabetes,or can the glucose vary from time to time?

i have hep-c gt1a,f3 ,nonresponder,waiting for trial or tela.

thanks for some infos
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Fasting (no food for 8 hours before the test) is important, Rex. If you were indeed fasting, the result is slightly elevated.

Typically, normal blood glucose should be <100 mg/dL. Pre-diabetes occurs with fasting numbers between 100 and 125 mg/dL, and diabetes above 125.

Yes, blood glucose, like blood pressure changes from hour to hour, day to day. Just like blood pressure and hypertension, one or two elevated results doesn’t necessarily imply a diabetic condition.

Your doctor will likely keep a close watch on blood glucose, and if it continues to be elevated, might suggest management which could include diet and exercise, as well as the possibility of medicine.

Maintaining a proper body mass index (BMI), adequate exercise and monitoring carbohydrates are all good ideas, whether diabetes is diagnosed or not.

Good luck,

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Maybe you're referring to your HbA1c? Those values seem to fit better. Here's a good link for labs results and the A1c in particular. I don't know too much about Diabetes II yet, but my glucose is starting to inch upwards, so I think I need to do some reading myself.
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might help if I posted the link, huh?? :-D

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thanks for your reply,

no it wasnt the hba1c test,it was 6.0 mmol/l. wich means 109 mg/dl
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did you fast for the test ?

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99 mg/dL = 5.5 mmol/L

125 mg/dL = 6.94 mmol/L
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yes i did not eat for 10 hours before the tests,i just drank a tee with 2 cubes sugar.

my bmi is 18 so i think diet is no option for me.

my conern is that with diabetes my chances are lower for svr with the pi s coming soon.
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The two sugar cubes might have been sufficient to increase blood glucose, depending when they were eaten.

However, with a low BMI such as yours, it’s less likely you are dealing with type II diabetes.

Can you purchase a home blood glucose test meter if you’re concerned? In the U.S. these can be purchased for about USD $50.00, the test strips roughly $.75 each. This would allow you to test blood glucose at your convenience. It’s very possible your elevated result was transient; be sure to discuss this with your doctor,

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thank you.

i appreciate always your answers.

well i drank the tee with 2 sugar cubes 2  hours before they took blood,so i hope this is a possible reason for that high glucose.
i see my liver doc in the second week of january and will discuss this with him.

regards from a cold switzerland
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Studies are finding even slightly elevated glucose levels (pre-diabetic) can have adverse effects on the body. The normal cutoff with most labs is 100 but ideally people should try and keep their glucose level below 85.
The metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes is becoming an epidemic in most of the world. If people only knew how much damage elevated glucose does to the body, i.e. heart , vascular & kidney disease. Just to name a few.

Don't be fooled this damage is happening with just slightly elevated  glucose levels. Do whatever it takes to get below 85!

Eat a low carb diet and exercise. If that don't lower your levels then ask your doctor about a drug like Metformin. It is a proven safe old drug and also cheap.
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im a bit confused  and scared right now.you think i can wait till i see my doc in mid january or should i make a date right now for another test.
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what I would do:

run another test incl.  Hemoglobin A1c , fasting Insulin , fasting glucose
you can calculate your Homa score for insulin resistance with fasted insulin
and glucose from the same blood draw.

depending on results try get it under control with diet and lifestyle changes maybe
even add some beneficial supplements

Only if all that don`t work go for meds

HepC is known to cause insulin resistance particularly when high viral load is present
Here is a recent study I find interesting:


Researchers Discover Hepatitis C
Causes Insulin Resistance in Muscle

09 March 2010

We have known for several years that Hepatitis C, a common cause of liver cirrhosis and cancer, also makes people three to four times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

In studying the insulin resistance of 29 people with Hepatitis C, Australian researchers have confirmed that they have high insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. However, almost all insulin resistance was in muscle, with little or none in the liver, a very surprising finding given that Hepatitis C is a liver disease.

Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps the body use glucose for energy. The two most important organs that respond to insulin are the liver and muscle. A healthy liver responds to insulin by not producing glucose, while healthy muscle responds by using glucose. An insulin resistant liver produces unwanted glucose, while insulin resistant muscle cannot absorb it from the bloodstream, leading to high levels of sugar in the blood.

"Contrary to all expectations, not only did we find no significant insulin resistance in the liver of the patients in the study, half of them suffered from a strain of Hepatitis C that causes about three times the normal level of fat to accumulate in the liver," said study author Professor Don Chisholm.

"The fifteen people with very high levels of fat in the liver had the same degree of insulin resistance as the fourteen that didn't have fatty livers."

"A number of important investigators around the world have been arguing that fat in the liver is an extremely important determinant of insulin resistance, perhaps the most important. At least in this context, we've shown that not to be the case."

"Before you get Type 2 diabetes, you must become insulin resistant and your insulin producing cells must also fail to compensate. Insulin resistance alone will not give you diabetes."

"In our study, we gave intravenous glucose, a specific stimulus to insulin secretion, and showed that insulin secretion was not impaired in Hepatitis C patients compared to our control group."

"This finding tells us that people with Hepatitis C who develop diabetes probably have susceptible insulin-producing cells, and would probably get it anyway – but much later in life. The extra insulin resistance caused by Hepatitis C apparently brings on diabetes at 35 or 40, instead of 65 or 70."

"More work now needs to be done into why Hepatitis C causes insulin resistance in muscle. That will give us better insight into the behavior of the disease."

"At this stage, it is helpful for people with Hepatitis C to understand insulin resistance and what it can mean for them. If they have relatives with Type 2 diabetes, they will be genetically prone to developing it themselves and so would be advised to manage their diets very carefully and take plenty of exercise – to slow onset."

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thanks for this interesting data.

my viral load is actualy low with 150 000.before treatment(in wich i did only partial respond)my vl was always 300 000 -360 000.

i think i will/can wait this 4 weeks when my next visit is,and will ask my doc to do this test.

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I’m not convinced you have any metabolic issues at all, Rex. I think it unwise to make conclusions based on the results of one single test. Please follow up with your doctor and get his take on it, rather than the musings of non professionals in a hepatitis discussion group.

Good luck and take care—

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to determin if you have an issue or not is very quick and easy by doing
a couple of blood tests.
since you seem to be worried why not do those right away
i know i would want to know that before i dig into the holiday feast
this is the season where usually everyone fattens up.
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good advice from bali. re-test with the A1c test. I think there is a good chance you have metabolic issues just like most people with and without HCV. Of course more with HCV. Hopefully you don't but please keep in mind what i said about glucose over 85 is a problem, even though most doctors will ignore it.

There is no need to rush to have the test done.

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for those are interested,
i had a hba1c test done today and the result is 5.2%.
so i think i am in the norm range.

regards from a snow white switzerland
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had one done last week myself , same thing 5.2 smack in the middle of lab
reference (4.8-5.6)
5.2 is low risk for diabetes

Gruezi from NYC and Happy Holidays
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