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hep c diet

my gi doctor  told me i must   lose  30 lbs  due to fatty liver  can u give me the  diet food   list that  are good for  my liver i am  genotype 1 stage 3 fioboiss
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move your body! Shake your head very often. Especially when someone offers something to eat.
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You should be on a low protien diet usually. LEAN  meats. More chicken and fish rather than red meet. Watch the fat content of foods. If you eat to much fat it will build up in liver. Low fat products. Lots of fruits and vegatables are good when having hep c and don't have much for calories. If you can switch to soy milk instead of regular mild. The vanilla soy milk is pretty good. Less sodium and fat and digests easier. Watch your sodium intake as sodium will make you retain fluids. I am not to familiar with the wieght watchers diet but if it is frozen check how much sodium it has. Most forzen foods are high in sodium. Start looking at the ingredients of what you buy. You will be surprised when you read the ingredients and what amounts of cal., fat, and vitamins they have. Don't just go by the name on the outside of the package.

Don't wieght yourself every day. It can be misleading and frustrating to your efforts. People can flexuate 3 to 5 pounds easy per day. I would suggest checking about every week on your wieght.
And to round it off do excercise like cowriter says.

If you stick with it you will reach that goal.

Good Luck.
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You could try the interferon - Riba diet. I lost 50 pounds on that (have regained 25 though). It doesn't "work" for everyone though.

I did though learn that losing weight is primarily about diet. I had no exercise during treatment, but the weight burned off in the first 1 to 2 months. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight, simple as that. So, I guess the old weight watchers type are as good as any.
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To make your exercise count even more....

1.  Make sure you never skip breakfast.  Even if you only eat half a banana and 4 oz of lowfat milk, that's enough.
2.  Exercise in the morning.

Why?  I'm so glad you asked....LOL  Let me explain....

What is "Metabolic Rate"?

Metabolic rate is how fast someone burns calories.  You've heard some people say that they can eat whatever they want and not gain weight.  Tha'ts because their metabolic rate is fast.

Our normal metabolic rate is low at night and in the morning.  And the normal metabolic rate does not go up until NOON.  That means that you start burning more calories at noon.  And our metabolic rate is its highest at DINNER TIME.   So you're burning more calories at dinner time.....but soon after that, you go to bed.....and the metabolic rate goes down.

When do most people exercise?  After work usually.....or after dinner.  I've heard people say, "I'm going to go walk this food off"  after eating......So what they are doing is this.....

Metabolic rate is low at night and in the morning....it starts to go up at noon, it's at it's highest at dinner time....then they exercise and pick it up even more.....so now they are burning more calories.  But for how long?  Because soon after that they go to bed and the metabolic rate drops.  So did the exercise really help them burn calories?  Not for very long.

But if instead you get up in the morning and EXERCISE....you will increase the metabolic rate right then....in the morning ...and IT STAYS UP FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.  So even when you're sitting at your desk, you'll be burning calories.

And if you have breakfast in the morning, you will increase your metabolic rate EVEN MORE.
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The South Beach Diet. Recmmended by many doctors including our resident medical expert in the professional forum. Buy the book and/or sign up for their internet program.

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Whatever diet you choose, exercise is an extremely valuable part of any weight loss program. If you don't currently have a regular exercise regimen – 5 or 6 days a week – it will be good to start one. Besides helping you to lose weight, you'll feel much better.
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