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hep c meds. side effects

About to begin hep c treatment using Savaldi, Ribavarin and peginterferon alfa-2b medications. What side effects should I anticipate?
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Everybody is different, so it's hard to tell you that you will have certain side effects, when you might be one of the people who doesn't have that side effects.  But, here are some common ones that are experienced by many using Interferon and Riba (I didn't find Sovaldi to have any additional side effects than I normally would with the Peg/Riba).  

1.  Extra tiredness/fatigue.  This is a normal side effect and many people will find that they have to pace themselves and rest alot more.  Listen to your body.  But, exercising (even though it's hard to make yourself), will help you feel better.  I am not saying this just to push exercise, but because it works.  It helps with the depression, muscle aches and helps you sleep better, too.

2.  Many people are troubled with depression or moodiness/irritability.  This is a normal side effect and if you feel depression at all while on treatment, you will need to talk to you doctor and possibly consider taking an antidepressant.  Many people find that they get annoyed VERY easily, have meltdowns over stupid stuff.  

3.  Sun-sensitivity.

4.  Nausea, or lack of appetite.

5.  Dry mouth or an increase in allergy-like symptoms.

6.  Muscle/bone pain, or a generalized body aching, flu-like feeling.  

7.  Drier skin or rashes

8.  Dry eyes, or blurry-ness in vision

9.  Lower white blood cells (neutropenia), or Lower red blood cells (anemia).  There are rescue drugs for these calls, Neupogen, or Procrit.  You want to try to avoid any dose reductions while on treatment, if you can.
Keep in mind, that you may not get any of these side effects.  Or another experienced treatment person, here on Medhelp, might see something I've missed and will want to weigh-in here with a side effect they've experienced.
I wish you a symptom free treatment with SVR!  Take care, Susan400
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Thank you Susan very much.  Do I take the three drugs all at once?  I know the Peg-interferon Redi-pen is used only once a week.  And, the Ribavarin everyday, twice a day. The Savaldi is to be taken once a day everyday.  But, am I to take them all at the same time for my initial dosage?
TONIGHT:  Redi-pen, Savaldi, and Ribavarin(3 tabs)
TOMORROW MORNING:  Ribavarin(3 tabs)

Thanks again
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How many Ribavirin are you taking? (I responded to your other post by the way). I split mine, 3 in the morning, 2 at night. Take them 12 hours apart, this is important! You can take the Sovaldi along with the Ribavirin, usually after eating. The shot can be taken at any time, but evening is best, 8:30 at night worked for me. So are you taking 3 Ribavirin in the morning and at night, 6 total? 1,200 mg?
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You know, you would think doctors would take the time to explain all this to a patient and also give us a written outline of everything that may affect us.

I'm starting Sovaldi and Olysio on Wednesday and have not heard from my doctor at all in spite of having sent them my questions. Thank God for these forums and the good people who share their knowledge here.
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