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hep c resuts after 11 weeks

I was wondering if anyone with personal or profesinal experience can tell me how accurate hep c results that came back non-reactive after 11 weeks???
thanks everyone in advance
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An 11 week neg puts you in very safe territory.  Most people test pos after about 50 days.  The Cdc says the window period is 2 weeks to 26 weeks.  Antibody tests are always more accurate as the number of days increases.

if i were you, i would go in for a final antibody test at 26 weeks.  i know it seems like a long time but your 11 week neg is a very good sign.  i would be shocked if your 26 week test turned pos.

may i ask what your exposure was?  hep c is transmitted mainly through blood transfusion and intravenous drug use.  sexual transmission is possible but rarely happens.  Fyi.
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i shared a needle while i was drunk out of my mind to shoot up up crystal meth never gonna make that mistake again in my life so please dont lecture me on my stupidness
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i certainly was not lecturing you.  i asked very politely what your exposure was.  

Anyway, your 11 week neg is a very good start.  Get a final test @26 weeks, I hope and believe it will be neg.  Put this behind you and move on with life.

Your risk was very high.  Sharing needles for drug use is the most efficient way to transmit hep c.

you should also be tested for Hiv.  

Good luck with everything and let us know how this turns out.
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Sorry Jakied i though you were gonna lecture me in the following message but it looks like ur a really cool guy anyway am having a test next week again at 13 weeks i was wondering how accurate those test would be and if it would different much from my 11 week??
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don't waste your money with a hep test at 13 weeks.  Your 11 week neg is very reliable.

If you haven't been tested for hiv, do that at 13 weeks.  Hopefully, that will be neg and you can put any hiv fears to rest.

for hep c, get a final antibody test at 26 weeks.  In ALL probability, that will be neg.

i am suggesting that only for your 'peace of mind.'  Your 11 weeks neg puts you on third base and headed for home.

let us know how this turns out.

Do you have any symptoms of hepatitis?  light color stool/dark color urine/stomach or joint pain etc.  probably not.
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I had my hiv test done at 12 weeks and it came back negative so thats behind me.Since i live in canada all the test are for free so i might as well take it at 13 weeks and try to steal home.Do you know in percentage how accurate the test are after 13 weeks as you say most test positive at 50 days.Also why is the window period all the way at 6 months if most if not all test at 3 months.Also what is your personal experience with hep c since you know much about it.
thanks for all ur help
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as for symptoms nothing great appatite and great bowel movments
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The vast majority, probably >90% will be pos at 3 months.  The outer limit of 6 months is for the VERY few who have a weak immune system and don't produce enough antibodies at 3 months.

Antibody tests are always more reliable as the number of days increase.

One thing you could do now is ask the person you shared the needle with to be tested for hep c.  If he is neg three months after and you have an eleven week neg, then the chance that you will test pos now are so remote it stretches the limits of mathematics.

Your 12 week neg for Hiv is VERY reliable.  Put that one to rest.

i am glad all your tests are neg.  Use this as a learning experience.

If you want to test before 6 months, go for a 125 day test.  That will surely be neg as well and then you can relax until 6 months.  I would be shocked if you tested pos now.
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My personal experience with hepc is a friend who has it.  She had a WILD past and got it from IDU.  Sad.

I had a one night stand with a pros a few years ago and was worried sick I had Hiv or hep c but fortunately everything was neg.  i was scared though for a long time.  The worry is terrible.  Plus, i felt ashamed for what i did.

i did not know that Hep c is not considered a STD but is transmitted mainly by intravenous drug use and blood transfusion.
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I just had a regular blood test and my liver enzymes are all in perfect range am still waiting on my hep c results.If i had hep c by now would my liver enzymes be off since i would be in the acute phase????
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You are VERY close to becoming a 'worried well.'  And believe me, i know one when i see one because I was a 'worried well.'  It took me a long time to get past that.

The chance that you are pos for hep c or hiv are so remote that there probably are not enough zeroes on a calculator.  maybe 1 in several million.

PLEASE stop worrying and testing.  You will make yourself sick.
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Thanks for the encouragement i wish i knew for sure so i could stop worrying.Is my test after 11 weeks that realible or my blood test that i just had now.What makes you say that odds of me having it are that slim.
thanks for all ur support
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