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hep c symptoms slightly different

I have hep c genotype 2 I have extreme joint pain both arms shoulder to wrist. I have red sores dominant to my right side arm some on my leg. They itch, are painful and very slow to heal. Are these symptoms? They were the symptoms that made me see a Dr. but they are unresolved. Suggestions?

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Take 400 micrograms of Selenium daily. CVS has the plant derived selenium yeast from. Its $13.00 It will reduce viral load and protect your liver from damage

You will need to also pick up Vitamin D to boost you depleted levels. HCV cases Vitamin D3 deficiencies. This will help ease some of the symptoms and prevent Liver damage.

L-ornithine will also help clean your liver. ITs is a natural substance already found in the foods we eat. Only take it before bed and by morning pain should be reduced or gone.

Take everything for 30 days then let me know how you are doing. I have more suggestions after your 1st 30 days

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i am sympathetic that u are suffering these medical issues. i am not a medical person and i suspect that shellywinters is not either. there is some excellent advice given on this site. at the same time just because something is natural does not make it safe especially for those of us with hcv. please see a medical specialist for your conditions before following advice from a stranger even with the best intent. joint pain can be a side effect of hcv altho severe sounds extreme. as for the sores i would consult a dermatologist. wishing u the best, babs
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shellywinters posted like she is a doctor writing a presciption :)

although supplements are good they will not help with what you describe. Be seen by a good Hepatologist (liver specialist)

Good luck
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I agree with babs and copyman, You need to seek an actual MD not one that plays one on a internet forum. I take supplements but would never give someone such bad advice.You need to see another Doctor what you describe doesn't sound to be HCV related, but again I'm no Doctor. Good Luck.
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If the red sores are actually blisters see a dermatologist that is versed in infectious diseases.  Porphyria (PCT) happens to a few of us with HCV and there is not a vitamin or supplement that will help or fix it.

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"shellywinters posted like she is a doctor writing a presciption :) "

Yes indeed, advising people to take the same supplements for anything from coccobacillus to cirrhosis.  That is so not good advice.

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Ok, you shouldn't be so fast to shut down my advise. I am talking from experience Had a viral load of over 10 million and now 252. Yes it was HBV but all that I have researched and tried was shown to work with HCV.

I have tried everything natural and have researched a lifetime of things to try. I never took any prescriptions.

I know you all mean well. I'm not going anywhere and from now on will post the actual medical journals supporting my advise.

Nice to meet you all.
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Oy vey more commercials from another expert not into conventional medicine and real CURES.

Please seek help from a qualified medical expert, none of us know your medical history nor can see what these 'red sores' are. While we here can relate our specific experiences with HCV none of us can dispense actual medical advice without the caveat 'be seen by a qualified heptologist'.

To play a doctor on tv is one thing but to play one on the internet is just plain wrong.

PS NO supplement will cure HCV or get rid of the symptoms if that indeed is the case.  The ONLY FDA approved medications that can do that are ribavirin and interferon.

BTW - viral load is an indicator of SQUAT and has no relevance to how your liver is doing with damage. And in addition HBV is NOT HCV.
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Your telling someone that could have cirrhosis to take selenium for 30 days and to let you know how she's doing. Don't you think that's bad advive? She needs a professional Doctor to DX her and prescribe what is needed.
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If I were you I would see a Dermatologist.
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I did not shut down your advice.  Porphyria (trin, the whole name) Is a real side effect of having HCV.  The "cure" is phlebotomy's to lower the ferritin.

I will now shut down your advice, supplements will not cure/fix all problems especially HCV related problems.  Viral load fluctuates naturally on its own.

cruella, please see a dermatologist at the least, and a good hepatologist would be a very good idea.

Denise....with no viral load thanks to prescriptions
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Don't care what supplements did for your HBV.  You are comparing apples to oranges when referring to HCV and HBV.  Supplements are not going to cure HCV and reducing the viral load with HCV does not reduce or stop the virus from damaging the liver.  People with HCV who have had consistenly low viral loads have also ended up with cirrhosis.  Didn't your research teach you that?

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