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does anyone know where I can get help with getting free meds for hep C? I live in kansas city,missouri now. I am getting ready to move to boise, idaho and i do not have insurance to pay for meds or treatments. my email address is michael_mcgee2000***@****  I also have diebetis type11 and need help getting meds and teatment for this also.
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Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you have hep c, but as you can see,you're not alone. Below is some info. Give them a call and if you have a problem getting assistance for some reason let the forum know by posting again cause others have received assistance and I'm sure they will be able to give you more info in how to receive assistance. Most people on forum have mentioned that it was not difficult to receive assistance and that the people you deal with thru these programs were very nice and also very helpful. Mention to them about your diabetes and I'm sure will be able to direct you.

For your tx, try to find a "hepatologist," liver specialist, rather than just a "GI" doctor. A Hepatologist deals with hep C much more than a GI doc would. You can find Hepatologists at University Hospitals. Someone on forum may know of a doc in Boise, so you may want to post a new thread and ask.

Stick close to the forum so you can learn as much as possible. Along the way, there are sometimes decisions to be made concerning this disease and its best if you have a little more than a "basic knowledge" so that you can easily discuss and ask questions when talking to your doctor.


"The Commitment to Care program is designed to ensure that eligible individuals, including Medicare beneficiaries who meet our criteria, have access to Schering-Plough's cancer and hepatitis drugs. These medicines include:

•  PEG-INTRON (peginterferon alfa-2b) Powder for Injection;
•  REBETOL (ribavirin, USP) Capsules;
•  INTRON A (Interferon alfa-2b, recombinant) for Injection;
•  TEMODAR (temozolomide) Capsules;

The Commitment to Care program's reimbursement specialists provide eligible patients with all aspects of reimbursement assistance at no cost, including:
- insurance verification,
- pre-authorization or pre-certification,
- denial appeals, and
- referrals to state and local assistance programs.
In addition, the program distributed pharmaceutical products free of charge to more than 6,000 needy patients in 2005.

Unlike many other reimbursement programs, Commitment to Care is telephone based, offers patients easy access to a reimbursement assistance specialist with rapid follow up, and eliminates extensive paperwork."

Click here for the Commitment to Care Application.

To find out more about the Commitment to Care program, call toll free: 1-800-521-7157.

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Sorry about your situation.

I've been on forum a year and I've read about a number of people getting assistance through the programs My Own mentioned.

Good luck,

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You can get free meds for HepC  from:Roche@ 877-734-2797
                                  or              Sherring as mentioned by MO.
I don't know what drugs are used for diatbetes. Call the pharmaceutical companies that make them and ask about charity care programs. There is assistance out there but they don't advertise. Call and ask.    You may be eligible for free lab work from Quest but again, you must ask
Good luck.  
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I contacted the drug companies your doctor can help you with the paperwork they will send your meds for free. The local health department is doing my bloodwork. I contacted the drug company for my expensive acid reflux medicine and they are sending it for free. There are resources. Hospitals have paperwork to fill out if you are too poor to take care of your medical bills just contact their billing departments. Don't be shy, I lost my insurance after diagnosis and made myself sicker worrying until I got proactive and then I just focused on all that. I took my last clicker sat and I have a week and a half of pills left. I owe $30 at the health dept and I pay them what I can when I can and they still help you. Good luck!
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I am nuts I just noticed the date 2007. Crap this treatment has fried my brain. The doctor swears it will come back. I sure hope so I am an educator.
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ok, so maybe the original poster won't see your answer, but i did and you made me laugh...you're not alone when it comes to fried brains; i thing mine is broiled too...hang in there and stay positive, you'll get to the other side and you'll be a stronger person....

you should start a new thread cuz it looks like you have some pretty good advice for us all....thanks
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