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i am in my 5th week of tx therapy, inching all over, especially  on my back, stomach,arms, thighs. i am using all otc creams, and allergy meds. no release, any sugestions? by the way i was cleared today after 2nd blood test. must sustain for another year to be svr.
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might have been mentioned. ask doctor for a prescription called Atarax. This will help with the itching.
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Which drugs are you taking? You mentioned in a different post that you are taking pills 3 times a day and are eating 20 grams of fats with each dose. Are you on Incivek?

The rash can get bad and out of control rapidly. You need to get something for the rash and get it under control immediately. Call your doctor and get some prescriptions. The over the counter medications are not strong enough.

Here is what I used for my rash, all prescriptions:

Hydroxyzine 50 mg every 6 hours (oral antihistamine)
Fluocinonide ointment for my body rash
Hydrocortisone Valerate cream for my face
Clobetesol solution for my scalp

The prescription creams and ointments did help, but the rash and itching were not under control until I had a high enough dose of Hydroxyzine oral.

You may have to be assertive to get what you need but do have your doctor white some prescriptions for you.

If you are on Incivek, be aware that the rash from Incivek can be very severe and dangerous. You really need to get it under control now. Even the Ribavirin rash can be bad. (I had a Ribavirin rash). You are still early in treatment so you need to get this rash under control now or it may affect your treatment outcome.

Were you Undetected at week 4 blood draw? If so, Congratulations!

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hi  first congrats on UND at  4wk my hubby was on incievik to and he stayed und all of his 24wks of tx I strongly agree with pooh about the rash it can get out of hand very quickly so please make a appointment with doc asap Hubby had alot of above post he also found having a cool bath with oilatum in it soothed it a bit good luck with rest of tx
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You may need to get an urgent appointment with a dermatologist, but your regular doctor can order the medications I mentioned above.
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thank u very much for your advice, i phoned my dr this morning, have an appt., yes i am on incivek ribavirin and peginterferon' i have had some bad days, but the inching is the worst, leaving scars on my body. hope the dr. can help, i advised my therapist over seeing my treatment. i hope u r doing well, yes they said i was und, clear afte only 4 weeks. thank god. i was getting very depressed
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thank u for your concern, yes under at 4 weeks, what a blessing. i have made a dr. appt. for the inching, i was very worried. i know it can cause problem
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