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Please,what mean when HCV RNA is negative? Thank you
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it means just that, negative, nothing there to measure, zero, nada. For those that test positive for the antibodies and negative in the RNA test, it means the virus never became a chronic infection. The immune system cleared it out.
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Thank you,but I still don't understend because I have hepatitis B and C positive only this RNA is negative,I still have a disease?What can I do?I'm from Croatia.
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if your Rna PCR(polymerase chain reaction) test is negative now, it means that you have cleared the virus on your own or with the current treatement of interferon + ribavirin. You will always test positive for the antibodies as a sign that you were once exposed to HCV. I don't know much about hep b, though.
How sensitive was the RNA test? how low was the detection range? was it a qualitative( positive or negative) or a quantitative(counts the number of RNA particles in the blood.) If the test used a range of <50 IU/ML, it is pretty good indication that you are not hep c infected at this time. How long ago do you think you were exposed to hep c?
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and... you only need to use this thread to post your questions for today, this site limits the number of questions daily, so it is best to keep using the already opened ones. ;-}
Do you have copies of your bloodwork? if not, try to get them as soon as you can.
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Good afternoon,
I am kind of in the same situation.  I think my body has beat the virus on its own, however I was wondering if anyone has heard of the virus coming back or recommends taking any sort of other meds to help prevent the virus from coming back, or if I am just being paranoid?  I have been doing research on “herbal” medications as I am pretty leery of what is out there. I have seen some good and bad things with herbals.  Thanks.
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if you have tested negative for hcv by PCR tests for at least a yr, you have no virus to "restore" per general medical consensus. It is not like the varicella roster virus. There is no reason for you to take anything for hcv. But, there are reasons to still be friendly to your liver and eat healthy foods, and supplements and limit alcohol intake.
If you test positive for the virus after a year of negatives, it will probably be because of a new infection.
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