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hepc and hypoglycemia in relation to one another.

I was diagnosed with hep c 4 years ago. I don't remember the genotype but I remember the dr. said it was the worst type, the hardest to get under control. I had a biopsy done shortly thereafter and it showed that I was a 1 on a scale from 0-4. I haven't been under medical care since then and had an addiction problem until last year. After I got clean I began having severe problems with hypoglycemia. My questions are: What is the best, cheapest and most available treatments for hep c, and from your experience how bad off are you if the virus is affecting your blood sugar?
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Welcome to the forum.   My guess is your genotype 1a.   I don't know that  hep c has a relationship to hypoglycemia but it has been proven to be connected to many health problems.  There is no cheap way to treat hepatitis C.  But there is lot of programs to get financial assistance to treat Hep C.
There is so many current advancement in the treatment of hepatitis C.  Can you confirm your genotype.  It makes a difference in what treatment you qualify for.  
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There definitely is a link between chronic HCV and type 2 Diabetes.  

You say you have severe problems with hypoglycemia.  Have you been diagnosed by your physician with type 2 Diabetes?  If you score a 126 or above on a Fasting Plasma Glucose Test, confirmed by repeating the test on separate days, you've got Diabetes.

I've had HCV for 34 years, and before I even knew that I had the virus, my fasting glucose was impaired.  20 years ago, my fasting glucose was at 106, which is considered pre-diabetic.  I've read that people with 'pre-diabetes' will typically have full blown diabetes within 10 years.  My numbers now are about what they were in the 90s.  Low 100s, or sometimes they've been normal.

Best to you.

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