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hepc sickness&asking doc questions

Hi. I'm a 28 year old female. I've had hepc for over 10 years. I ignored my hepc..taking no action to educate myself..almost the entire 10 years. 2 years ago, I started having severe bone and muscle pain. Mostly concentrated in wrist, ankles, & lower back. Eventually the pain began under right rib cage and slightly around the back at natural waist. I was plagued by upset stomachs, extreme pain, weakness, high anxiety, and severe weight loss. I went to see a doc with the purpose of getting tx. However, at that time he wanted my health a little better before tx. He told me take b12(which I did) and wrote me a script for pain meds & something for sleep. After a couple months I had improved 100% and went off whatever he gave me. At that time my insurance (state medicaid) would no longer cover me. So, I stopped going to the doctor.

Skip to today..My wrist and ankles are swollen and it hurts to type, open doors, or walk very far. I'm weak but unable to sleep. I've developed painful open sores on the tops of my hands and random places on arms and legs and a very weird ithching on my palms and soles of the feet. The pain under my ribcage is almost unbareable. I try to lay or sit differently to relieve the pain. I often take a half a dozen hot baths or showers during the day and at least 2 in the night to try and reliev the pain. Many days I take  upward of 1600-2000 mg of IBprfn and a couple tramadol (sp?) I'm not sure if I'm doing myself more harm than good. I'm also having hot flashes and cold sweats & high anxiety (to the point of vomitting). 2 days before christmas I weighed in at a healthy 123 lb. Today I'm 108 lb.

I know alot of people with hep c but none of them seem to suffer from symptoms. Is it really possible that hepc is taking me out like this? Are these signs or symptoms of hepc ? Tomorrow, I'll be seeing a new doctor at a free clinic. Because I'm going to a free clinic I know I'll be refered to a different doctor for tx..but is ok to ask for more effective pain medication..and if so what kind? I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm moved back in with my parents after having to drop from grad school last semester. Could hepc being killing me after just 10 years? Any advice or suggestion on relieving pain, taking to my doctor, or my symptoms of hepc would be a big help.

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Go to the doctor and let them run tests.  That is only sure way you'll know.  No one here has a medical degree and can't advise you.  You have a multitude of problems and they may not be hepc related at all.    Having the disease for 10 years is not indicative of advanced liver damage.  It usually takes many years for the liver to become damaged.  You are taking a lot of IBpfn which is not good for the liver.  Many people with hepc do not have any symptoms or side effects from the disease at all.  Others report they do.  
Have the clinic refer you to a good hepatologist or and GI that has treated many people with hepc.  
Pain medications are only a temporary fix.  You need to know the health of your liver.  A liver biopsy will give you the most accurate diagnosis of the health of your liver.  
Process of elimination, starting with the hepc and working down.  Don't ignore it anymore, time to be diligent if you want some relief.
Good Luck
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