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high liver enzymes

I need help! the doctors dont know what to do with me. in the past 5-6 years I have had theses symptoms. high liver enzymes for over a year now .my liver has grown 3 times its normal size. I do not drink. I am overwieght I have gained about 80 pounds in the last 5 years. I have mass cell diseae. I have had arthritis since i was 13.and my cartlidge is starting to detieriorate.+ I have had to have a hysterectimy due to cyst on my ovaries and tumuors on my uterus (noncanerus)wich had also grown 3 times its normal size .I have had carpal tunnel in both my hands. I have sever fluid retention but my heart is fine ( has been tested numerous times) the fluid will collect in my lungs.as well as everywhere else.IM frustraited and at a loss I hate going to the doctor for anything because they cant seem to find anything wrong all they say is we are going to watch and see how things go?  and treat me like IM crazy!.. I tend to also run a fever all the time and even if im not running a fever im hot to the touch .ex: my husband says at night IM like sleeping with an hot oven. and that happens during the day also. IM at my wits end It makes me dpressed because I hurt all the time and feel like ****! I somtimes get double vision and at 43 i break out with acne.. there has got to be an answer to what is going on with me? oh and to top things off last year my hiar was falling out and thining..it seemes to have slowed down some this year..IM just  tired and frustraited and want to feel better!!!!!
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At 8 weeks post treatment my WBC was normal (4.2) and Hgb back to pre-treatment levels (14.8).

But at 12 weeks post treatment, WBC is low at 3.1 and Hgb has dropped to 13.7. Could it have been that lone riba I found in my carpet and touched. LOL. ANC is good around 1900 and Platelets are 180. Lymphocytes Absolute a little low at 775.

Wondering if anyone else post treatment saw their WBC and Hgb go up and then down again?

Of course, the biggie TMA is still pending but with AST 22 and ALT 20, I'm reasonably confident I'll be TMA negative. Of course, I'm sure I'll go into a flop sweat when the TMA fax comes in :)

Speaking of flop sweats -- when I opened my fax this morning (fax comes via email) I mistakenly read my cholesterol (now quite high and over 200) as ALT. A lot of things flashed through my mind, but then I scrolled down some more and saw the actual ALT.

-- Jim
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hi jim,
sorry my temp stays around 99.9 or 100 most of the time ive been told that  having a 99.9 temp is nothing to worry about and that some people just have higher temps by my doctor. ive had the hep test and it came back negative. hope i didnt offened anyone with the c word..please forgive me.. wasnt thinking when i wrote that just venting..they tell me i just have a fatty liver and i need to lose weight.the problem is I have only really packed on the pounds in the last 4-5 years..its frustraiting when all they tell me is i need to lose weight and I keep having this pain in my side constantly.. and all the other stuff and all they tell me is i need to lose weight.I guesse i need to ask to see another doctor a liver specialist is right..when i had the hystorectimy I had to go find the doctor on my own because i was having so much pain and all my regular doc keep telling me was you need to lose weight..I saw the doc in one day and he rushed me in the next to take everything out. I asked to wait a few days to make arrangments with my work and the doc was angry said if you wwant to take that chance go ahead but we ned to remove your uterus today..  it all has to do with inurance i belive.. i had to pay for the hysterectomy on my own because my doctor didnt refeer me.. and I think i might need todo this again althought you usally have to have a referral to get into  see the specialist..sorry again just feeling frustraited..
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hey Jim if anyone can outsmart this virus it will be you best of luck to you on the 12 week results.
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Hey pal. I went ahead and did the deed yesterday - so our blood may in fact be running down the conveyor belt side by side on Tues. I forgot to call and remind them to fax my interim results, so I won't get them till Mon. Your ALT/AST sure is sweet. I know it was a bit bouncey earlier on.  Best luck to both of us for next week!

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Goof says: ... so our blood may in fact be running down the conveyor belt side by side on Tues...

Goof's blood to Jim's blood: "So what do you think of the Manglia study..."

Jim's Blood: "Isn't he the guy that only wants to poison   us for only 12 weeks..."

Goof's blood: " I still think it's an immune thing..."

Jim's Blood: " Dunno...my doc suggests our little viral friends are gone, THEY ARE GONE ..."

Goof's Blood; "You know this reminds me of a hemmoriod story I heard once ..."

Jim's Blood: "Hey, haven't we met somewhere before?"

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hi, maybe i didn't read your post right, but do you have hep c? also, some of those symptoms could be a result of perimenopause or menopause...yes, I'd get thee to a few kinds of doctors and get to the bottom of it...trouble with hep c, though not as much lately, they can misdiagnose it, same with hormonal problems, and of course you could have more then one thing going on and hormonal problems tend to exascerbate the hep c and vicea versa...menopausal and hep symptoms tend to overlap, along with some other diseases...course this is all speculation, none of us are doctors...
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just another guess for the pile, could be fatty liver going on too...
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Better than a fax machine is efax.com
Still free I think for a basic account, small monthly fee if you want a specific number, more fax capacity and the ability to send faxes.

Your fax comes as an attachment to your email so you don't have to physically be at the same location as the fax machine. So the time you save running home can be spent rubbing on some more Alo Vera :)

-- Jim
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yeah, but doesn't your puter have to be on? I think I'd rather have a fax machine, no fuss no muss, but then maybe I'm not grasping the whole concept of efax...got two hours sleep last night so I'm not grasping a lot, and I'm walking funny too....
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thanks for the elucidation, I'll definitely look into that, course I was physically carrying my fax machine to the beach...great for some impromtu ab and bicep work, ha ha!

See Jimbo, that's the difference between cats and kitties, I'm walking funny cause I didn't get much sleep, but "of course", as an official *guy*...you HAD to go there, ha ha ha! Hope youre having the best weekend, prob kinda nice you don't have to shoot up anything or pop some nasty little pills, leave that to the rest of us...
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I've done that with lab faxes, scrolling down really fast and fixating on a number, YIKES! YIKES YIKES! then figuring out youre looking at the wrong number, not a great way to *punk* ourselves is it? Maybe I should take a tranqulizer the next time they fax me my labs...then maybe I can just drool on it a little instead of freaking out over it...

And I'd suggest to anyone that if you want to get your labs sooner then later with a lessor chance of mistakes....get a fax machine, they are pretty cheap now considering....it always seems that the clinics are much more amenable to faxing you your results then telephoning you about them, I guess they figure if they can avoid talking to patients, they'll opt for that most times, they feel it's less work I guess...

Tallblonde: in all my happiness over your great labs, I neglected to ask you again what is your regimen? sorry if I've asked before, just to refresh my memory...I do remember that we are taking many of the same things...the dosages too and the times of day? I know that's a Tall order (sorry for the pun, punsters should be punked!) and if youre not up to all that typing or you just don't want to say for whatever reason, that's completely okay, I'm just curious to see how we are both getting such good results...continued good luck!
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I have spent the last three years "running rabbit trails" trying to figure out what the heck my symptoms were telling about my body. Things like rashes, joint aches, extreme fatigue, nausea, dizziness, whole body sweats, eyes like sandpaper, can't sleep, and blood pressure spikes that drove me to ER where they always check my heart, which is just fine thanks to 4 stress tests. Always the same thing - everything is fine. Well, last week I was dx with Hep C. I could possibly have had it for over 30 years! Guess I'm not crazy.

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. I pray that someone out there will figure out what the problem is. I would definitely find a doctor/facility that is top knotch, Mayo or UCLA Medical, and get to the bottom of it all. Don't give up! You've got some pretty specific things going on. God bless you!
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