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how contagious is it

I recently used a diabetic ***** that had been used by someone who has hepititis C. What are my chances of getting infected?
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Do you mean a lancet.....a glucometer....a syringe?
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If you used any of the above-mentioned, I would have myself tested now and then on a follow-up scheduled determined by a liver specialist (hepatologist). Since diabetics don't inject IV, hopefully you will be OK but do see a liver specialist and get tested.
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I don't think testing is necessary if it was a glucometer which requires you to insert a strip so that the meter can read the glucose level.  Same syringe, lancet, yes.  I know there are more sophisticated glucometers out there now that just require 1 step which may have a higher risk.  I am not familiar with those, but I am very familiar with the Freesytle and inserting a strip into that meter would not pose any problem.
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If their blood could get into your blood stream (because we can't read what the starred out word is --- try spelling it with spaces in between the l e t t e r s   like that --- so we can understand your exact question).

I think it's needle n e e d l e...

But - I am not sure.

If you used a need le that they injected with already --- a syringe set up - then there is the possibility of contamination with HEP C.

If it is anything else - that does not allow their blood to get into your blood stream - then you are probably alright.

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It was a lancet that I used. How quickly should I see a doctor?
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The incubation period, from the time of exposure to the virus until the onset of the disease, is one to six months.
Antibodies to the virus can start to be detectable in the blood between 3-12 weeks after infection. Different peoples immune systems take different lengths of time to create antibodies, depending on the amount of time it takes for the virus to take hold in the body. This is called the window period. Because it can take 3 months or more for the antibodies to show up in a blood test, it is important to wait this long before having an antibody test if you suspect you have recently been infected.

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