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how much of a risk factor to spouse

My husband has just been diagnosed with Hepc,he has never had a blood transfusion, does not use drugs, but previous girlfried had it.Now years later he finds he has it.am i at risk as well?through sexual transmission?and can it take years to show up as it did with him?
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The chances of getting HCV through sex are very low, 2 to 3%. Those odds are higher if a person is with many partners(don't know why). My husband and I had been together 3 years when I was diagnosed. He tested negative and the Dr. said if he hadn't gotten it by then, he never would. If it makes you feel safer to use condoms, that's an option. I would get tested if I were you, but when you come up neg., relax and enjoy the joys God gave us.   Joni
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thankyou for the encouraging words, I really do not know much about Hepc...what I dont understand that if the risk of it being transmitted sexually is so low, how did my husband get it from an ex girlfriend, and why did it take so many years for it to show up? He was with her in the early 90's .I know the disease is serious,and I have been on every resource trying to find out more about it.any and all imput is greatly appreciated.
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The only answer I have is purely my own perception of things I have learned on this forum, and I have been coming here for over a year. I believe that during the "acute stage" when we first get the virus, it is more easilly passed. But I don't know how long of a time there is between acute and chronic, which is what your husband has. Hope others w/ more wisdom will have more answers for you.  Joni
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the disease really did not take many years to show up, symptoms did. the infection has been present for years, overworking his inmune system, it is very common for liver disease to take many years, decades to develop. there are other symptoms check(www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=retrieve&db=pubmed&list_uids=112) type in: peripheral neuropathy without cryoglobulinemia in their search to learn about other signs of HCv infection.
Any tool or procedure that involves coming in contact with someone's blood can infect a person with a bloodborne disease, maybe the girlfriend used his razors and nail clippers, or he got it in childhood mass vaccinations, who knows? the fact is he now has to deal with it, but it is usually not a death sentence. do a web search on hep c, that will lead to the basics of hcv. also try the janis7.com site.
best to you both
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I picked up my 3 month supply of pegasys/copegus and decided to glance at the receipt for the Rx price: 5545.19 for peg and 3466.19 for copeg, I paid 20 bucks total. it sucks i have hcv, but praise the lord for the excellent insurance that is allowing me to fight this bug. I wish it was legal to donate left over meds into a fund for those who are struggling to pay for theirs. or have a med fund to which we contribute for those in need...not Medicaid...something easier to access...I shouldn't feel guilty...but can't help the feeling...
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From what I've read, the acute phase (when spontaneous clearance of the virus is most likely to occur for roughly 15 percent of the folks who get it) can last up to 24 months.

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