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hr,jmjm/all ?about suppliment

i was wondering if anyone has heard of a supp i believe is called mms.  i was told that it has good response for those with hepc and keeping the virus at bay.  i asked what the contents are of this and was told by the doctor who believes in this product that it contains 28% sodium chloride and 78% saline, water i believe.  was told that there is good response to this tx for those in third world countries and that the pharm are fighting the test of this tx because it works.  i am curious what you all think. since i was a good responder on my first tx and relapsed should i look into this suppl or should i just wait for the new drugs to come along.
thanks you all.  :O)
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liver disease mean watch your sodium intake, don't add to it.

MMS is only mentioned on quack sites, which should be a tip off.

and if you meant MSM by chance, that is just micronized sulfur...not good except for those deficiciant in sulfur, sulfur can cause severe allergic reaction.
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That MSM site is totally bunk!  Just look at it closely, somebody is gonna get really screwed up using that stuff.  I agree with merryBe on this one, total quackery in it's lowest form.  God Bless
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i was thinking along the same lines as you all are i was seeing if this MSM drops were even heard of.  i supposedly spoke to the dr of the web site on the phone and when i started asking more detailed questions she kept trying to leed me to her web site instead of answering tech questions about the drug.  thank you for the input i can only hope that all who seek suppl tx do intense research b4 taking that route of tx.

for those who probably want to flame for questioning supp tx, please do not misunderstand what i am saying.  i belive supp work.  they are a raw form of natural ingrediants that in some cases are test marketed and studied and eventually made into drugs we take today for various ailments.  all i am saying is for the uninformed please do your homework b4 taking any drug, supp, etc.

as for me i am still awaiting the pro-tease inhib  tx to become available and take my second attempt at svr with, i pray,  SVR results :O)

you all are in  my prayers .    :O) :O) :O) :O)
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I have not used MMS for Hep C as I dont have it. a friend of mine does and I'm doing some research for him. I have used MMS (Not MSM) and it is sodium chlorite with a T and not a D. I got dengue fever and took 15 drop two times about an hr apart. Within 1 hr 60% of my symtoms were gone and they were totally gone within 24 hrs. A friend of mine had the same response. If you don't know anything about dengue then just imagine the worst flu you have ever had times 2 and lasting for about 10-14 days. doctors can do nothing but let it run its course and give you pain meds. Not sure about if it will work for hep c. I have seen some posts that say they were cured on other forum. I took it prior to getting dengue also just to see what it does and to check it out for my wife who had dengue at the time. It didn't arrive in time for her to use. I do not have any major health problems. I took it for two weeks and found some unexpected result. One my life long dandruff is gone and so is the itching. Somekind of growth on my arm has gone down in size. Some friends think it is Cancer not sure. never had it tested. Acid reflux has diapeared and I'm still waiting to get a herpes outbreak. I had one start while taking MSm but it was gone by the evening. Usually once they start they last about 7-10 days. So many its gone too. well best of luck to all of your Rick

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28% + 78% = 106%  You can't have over 100% of anything, unless your coach is figuratively urging you to "give it 110%!!" And sodium chloride is NaCl, more commonly known as table salt. And saline is salt water. So combine a bunch of salt with salt water and waddya got? REALLY salty water! And no, really salty water will not cure your HCV. It will not make you better. In fact, the blood coursing through your veins is already quite similar to sea water in composition. So if salt water worked at curing the virus, we'd never get infected with it in the first place!

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Its not Sodium chloride, MMS is sodium chlorite. When you activate it with citic acid to changes to chlorine dioxide. This is not clorine, two different animals. So what you say is true but this is not what is in MMS. MMs is sodium chlorite about 24%  and 4% sodium choride and about 72% distilled water. Manufacturers only make sodium chlorite about 80 pure with most of the balance being sodium chloride and a little sodium chlorate. Thanks for your information. Rick
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