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i have hepatitis c and cirrohsis but cannot afford the treatment.

it is class b hepatitis, i am 55 years old and living overseas where no free tratment is available. what are my chances of surviving and what future complications might i expect ?
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Sorry to hear of your health problems but just to be clear do you have hepatitis B or hepatitis C?

Hep B and Hep C are two entirely different viruses. There is no such thing as class B hepatitis C that I have ever heard of.

If you have hep B currently there is now cure firchep B bit there are medicines that can suppress the virus.

Really the bigger problem is your cirrhosis.

Are you under the care of a doctor associated with a liver transplant center for your cirrhosis.  How and when you diagnosed for cirrhosis?  Are you considered compensated or decompensated do you know your MELD score?  Do you have any symptoms of advanced liver disease for example ascities, esophageal varicies, or hepatic encephalopathy?

Are you having blood testing done every 6 months along with abdominal ultrasound to monitor your liver for early signs of HCC as having liver cirrhosis puts you at increased risk of liver cancer.

Where are you living? Can you not obtain any type of medical care? If you have cirrhosis you absolutely need to be under the care of a hepatologist or gastroenterologist they are best prepared to treat a patient with ESLD (end stage liver disease). They would be best to discuss your own personal situation.

I have been living with liver cirrhosis for about 9.5 years now. To live you must take proper care of your health. Do you drink alcohol? If you do you must stop immediately.

If you have hep b please post in that community or you can also post in the cirrhosis of the liver community.

Let us know for sure what type of hepatitis you have

Good luck
I just looked at your profile you have symptoms of advanced liver disease. You absolutely have to see a liver specialist about your cirrhosis that is a much bigger problem for you than either hepatitis B or C
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