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immediately vomited incevik

I swallowed my dose just now and all the fat I ate and my pills came right back up. should I eat another round of fat and take another dose? it wasnt even down for a second before I threw up. ugh. frustrated today.
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Oh boy, I wish I knew the answer. What I do know us that you need to call your treating physician immediately (or their answering service) and ask them what to do now but also ask them to phone in a prescription right away for Zofran. In most cases that will cure the nausea and enable you to keep the fat and the pills down. It IS very urgent, as missing doses greatly increases the risk of the virus mutating to one that is more resistant. If you have no way to reach your doctor right away, try calling the Incivek hotline or your specialty pharmacy hotline. Good luck!
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Try to have the Rx phoned in to a 24- hour pharmacy if possible, so you can get it before your next dose is due.
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Do you take Zofran before or after you take the pills
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im on regalin for nausea. I take it before pill time. I called the incivek hotline she told me to just skip the dose. I called the doc hopefully for some zofran. I often choke on the huge pills.
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I did that once, but it had been 2 hours since the dose and nurse said I was probably ok. I took my next dose an hour or so early if I remember. That was scary stuff to me. But I SVR'd. These kind of days are not easy. Hang in there! Karen :)
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I hope you've gotten the Zofran by now. That stuff really saved my butt during the Incivek phase. The form I was given is a tiny little pill that you just put on your tongue and it rapidly dissolves. I was prescribed 1 every 8 hours, as needed. I always took it before my meal and pills, and it quelled my nausea within about 15 minutes. I'd be struggling not to vomit and 15 minutes later I not only didn't have an urge to vomit, but I'd actually sort of feel hungry! I experienced zero side effects from Zofran and most people don't, but you should be aware that for a small minority the Zofran not only doesn't work, but also causes a headache. I hope you fall in with the majority!
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Sounds like the same thing that happen to me when I took the pills. I was advised by a top hepatologist to take pill with a large glass of "whole" milk instead of the fat.
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