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incivek and itching.....

Anybody having a problem with itching? It's terrible for me. On week 10 of the triple therapy and am seriously thinking about not taking the last 2 weeks. The itching is waking me up now and nothing makes it stop. And taking a shower is the worst. Any suggestions? Please!!!!!
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I was on triple med Tx with Incivek, Interferon, and Ribavirin. I developed a bad rash and severe itching about week 10. Over the counter meds such as Benadryl and Hydrocorizone cream did absolutely nothing for it.

This is what I used, all prescriptions, and it got the rash and itching under control:
Fluocinonide ointment for the body rash
Hydrocortisone Valerate cream for the face
Clobetesol Solution for the scalp
Hydroxyzine 50 mg every 6 hours for the itching and the rash (oral prescription antihistamine)

The creams and ointments helped but the rash would just move over to another spot. It was the Hydroxyzine oral that finally got the itching and rash under control. I started on a lower dose but the rash and itching were not controlled until I was on 50 mg every 6 hours.

Call your doctor or go to an urgent care facility ASAP and get some orders for prescription medication for the itching (and rash if you have one). The over the counters are not strong enough.

If you want to show them my list, that might help. Most doctors have no idea how horrible these rashes are and how horrible they can itch and they tend to under-prescibe the meds, give way too little and way too low doses. That actually happened to me. They started out way too low on the doses and it took forever to get the doses up to the correct doses to control the rash and itching. Doctors also don't seem to realize that the itching can be intense even in areas where no rash can be seen.

Please call or see someone ASAP to get this under control. Stopping the medications may impact your chance for SVR. Not treating the problem also may impact your chance for SVR because the problem can worsen and snow ball out of control rapidly, and this could cause your treatment to be interrupted or stopped, thus affecting your chance at SVR. In addition, some rashes can be very severe so it is imperative to get on top of them immediately.
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Thank you for the info. I will try anything it is out of control already. No rash but the itching is intense.
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Here are some other things that helped prevent itching, although I still needed all of the medications.

*Keep the house cool. I kept mine at about 66-68.
*Stay out of the sun and out of the heat.
*No lace or picky fabric (clothing).
*Cut the tags out of the neck.
*Use very soft cotton sheets on the bed.
*Sleep in the nude. Clothing makes one hot. Being hot makes one itch.
*Use very light-weight coverings, NOT heavy blankets and quilts.
*Use fans. I have ceiling fans in every room, but box fans will work.
*Take cool showers.
*Use hypoallergenic soap and shampoo or no soap at all.
*Wear loose light weight cotton clothing. I lived in a short cotton nightgown for 4 months, LOL. Anything like Denim with thick, heavy seams made me itch at the seam line, but clothing in general made me itch, just because it was rubbing on the skin.
*Go barefoot or wear sandals. The sox will make your feet hot and they will itch.

One guy put his clothing in the freezer for a while before putting them on.

I am sure there are some other things I am forgetting. Maybe others will chime in with what they did. But, bottom line, you will need some prescriptions too. If you just have itching and no rash, then the prescription Hydroxyzine oral will work for the itching. Just get a high enough dose.
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  When I Treated, I took allof Pooh's advice (above) and used the prescription pills she mentioned ;  "Hydroxyzine".  I took those pills very regularly, every 6 hrs, and after 3 days, found relief. My itching was all over, but ended up just on the top of my head, and felt like it was coming from within my body, like an allergy.
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Many cool showers, a gentle soapless oatmealy wash, patting dry, and loose clothes. walks at dawn and dusk before sun up. Darting to shops etc with scarves and hats and sunglasses.
I live in the tropics of Australia, and went through hell over the summer, but got through. Dreading this summer though! Already 33 celsius (91 fahrenheit) and still winter!
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And, can I say, that I feel that after finishing the Incevik, IT'S rashes and itches, the Riba stepped in, so best to keep all your ointments and pills on hand.
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