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interferon and exercise

Hi there.
I was wondering is there anyone who engages in any kind of exercise while on interferon+ribavirin treatment for HepC ???
I work as aerobic trainer and started my therapy 3 months ago, it was summer and we never have classes during summer, so I was just lying around home, aching and watching movies.
Now that's September my classes just started and I had my 12th injection this week. During the 3 classes we had I noticed, obviously, that I can't jump around for one hour as I used to BUT if I push myself I can do few sit up's, push-ups or body toning exercises.
And it's not a "money thing" I can always play a DVD for others to exercise or show the exercise and then just count to 20.
It is exercising that has always kept me happy and sane. It just makes me feel better.
I'm just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong by submitting myself to this?
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I did a lot of swimming and some scuba diving while on tx.  I had to stop the scuba when I went on Procrit (doctor's orders) but I swam throughout.  Do what you can and don't push too hard.  The more active you can be, the better you will feel.

Good luck,
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To Eva:

I was also very active before tx. loved to swim and walk.  I just got sooo tired after about 3 months I had to slow down.  Then the snow fell and that stopped my walking.

Mostly just laid around watching TV and reading.  I think its different for everybody, just do what you feel like doing.  I don't think you should push yourself.

My tx is over now and I'm back in the pool, energy still a little low, it feels really fantastic.

Good Luck - Lynne
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I've always been a great advocate of exercise and continue to go to the gym several times a week while on treatment. It's a terrific mood enhancer.
I can only manage about 10-15 minutes of aerobic exercise, and some days, even that's a push but it's well worth it.
No, it will not effect treatment although your ALT levels may increase slightly if you test immediately following exercise.
Do what you feel comfortable with....
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Excuse me, I meant to say your AST levels may increase after exercise. Your ALT levels are not effected.
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I think the more you can do the better you will tolerate treatment.  It is unfortunae you missed 3 months right in the start because you may have developed sort of a habit of not excercising.  Do what you can.  I think you will know when to stop oir change to something a little less strenuous.  I did Ai Chi (a water Tai Chi and walked thoughout tx.

You will lose muscle mass on treatment so excercise to maintain, not to build.

Good luck
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I just took my 8th shot today. I have very minimal sx.  I have always exercised. I still am. Not as much. I walk on the treadmill at least 30 mins a day more somedays. then I do some light weight training. I think its helps alot with the fatique.
Good Luck
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I did not exercise when I was on tx, but if you have the energy to get in some exercise then I'm sure your body will thank you for it.  I definitely recommend getting as much exercise as you can once your tx is complete to restore your energy level.
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I am a carpenter and just did my 12th injection and my energy levels are so low that I can't even take on a small job. But when I do have some energy, I take advantage of it, as you should as well, you are lucky to even feel like excercising, but like everyone else has suggested, I wouldn't push it.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment!!!
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I started the Telaprevir trial Dec. 26, 08 and am currently in my 37th wk of tx and have never stoped working out. I have worked out 5 to 6 days a week and put in about 11/2 hrs. every morning before work. I have always liked cardio so I put in 45mins first get my heart rate up to about 55/60 and keep it there, I like to sweat. I then hit the some weights, core and stretch.

Someone posted one time that it was bad for my heart to be doing it on tx but I feel it has only made tx more tolerable for me... I realize everyone is different. I also have been hiking and fishing in the Sierra's three time's and will make it my fourth this weekend.

It has always been my way of processing things and am thankful for God's grace in allowing me to do this during tx. It is my opinion and I would encourage that everyone to push themselves to exercise all they can on tx... it has been a tremendous benifit for me even with all the sx.
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No aerobics for me - my hemoglobin is and has been so darn low (8.6 for awhile now) that I can hardly walk but i don't seem to have a problem lifting 10 lb weights and using the resistance bands.  

I walk up 3 to 4 flights of steps a few times a day - i just do it very slooooooooow.  As someone already said - just do what you feel comfortable with.
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Hi Eva,

Great that you are exercising. During treatment, I did about 45 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of yoga, 5 days per week early morning while I still had energy before work. I was able to maintain weight and muscle mass which i think is very helpful. I had to give up most cardio but did walk quite a bit. I tried to not push too hard on bad days but on good days, was amazed at how strong I was. Yoga was great to alleviate some of the muscle aches.

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I didn't maintain the level of excercise as those above, but I can say that everyday I walked or did yoga, even when it was the last thing in the world I wanted to do....it made me feel better. Without fail.

I also feel that the loss of muscle tone and flexibility I had during my 48 weeks was the cause of the problems I am having now with my feet and hips.  My ligaments are soooo tight. But fortunately, once again, excercise it helping to loosen me up.

Bottom line....do what your body says.  As a fitness trainer, you are probably more in tune than the average joe.  Be kind to your body, it will be kind to you.

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