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I made it through 12 weeks and now its just about 6 months later and I go through itching spells that drive me crazy. Anyone out there feel like this.
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There had been a really informative thread here one day about skin & itching, that I cannot locate now, duh...anyway I think it might have been NY Girl (possibly?) discussing with a few others here about the gold bond products & them having a noticable menthol like smell to them. The were so right, I think there were 2 cream choices (packaging 1 green bottle & 1 yellow bottle) but I had taken a lil sniff, so pungent. As I was leaving it notices on the very top shelf yet another different form of Gold Bond. This stuff is "the bomb" LOL. It has NO odor. And works within the 1st day. I shall continue to use this product even after tx. I feel postively silky.
"Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion" 24 hour moisturizing Fresh Scent. The tube is white, navy & gold. Regular supermarket. I think winter time also makes itchy skin worse.
Water is your friend~~~~Drink up!
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Yup the Gold Bond Products are the best.  If you are VERY itchy the Green Bottle with the menthol helps to kick the itch out a bit more than the regular.

Do you have the little Riba Bumps?  They drive me mad - this itch made me try every product on the market and ONLY the GOLD BOND Triple Threat Anti Itch (something like that) really worked the BEST for me.

Our skin is so dehydrated from the treatment make sure you drink as much water as possible AND keep your skin hydrated with one of the advised lotions.  Most lotions don't do very much...but some of them can help a lot.

The Aveeno line is good but not as good as the Gold Bond I dont think personally.

Best of luck - we know what you are going through!
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itching comes and goes mostly on my lower legs some on my chest and back. What mare said about water being your friend is true. If I itch I drink 20oz bottle of water if I have a headache I drink 20 oz bottle of water so I'm so busy peeing I don't have time to itch. The water works along with the moisturizer. Good luck and remember the more you itch the more you want to itch. Or that is what my Grandmother used to tell me when I got poison ivy. DR
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I tried the Gold Bond and it is great.  I bought a bottle after reading the posts here about it, and I used it to try it out.  Works wonders, I love the stuff.
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Does anyone know if Maitake is good for you if you are taking the treatment?  I read on the Janis site that it was good for side effects from treatment.  However, I do not want to protect my liver from treatment.  Sometime back I read someone posting about Maitake, but I can't find it.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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One other thing that REALLY aggravates my itch is wearing STOCKINGS.  My hips are now literally red and bloody from the material ripping on my skin all day long. I keep putting peroxide on them because it started as the little white bumps...which I itched and they turned red...and then kept itching and they got more inflamed and bigger.....

Now I've covered the area in bandaids and it's helped a bit. At night I put on the GODSEND lotion.  

If you have a REALLY bad itch somewhere - try using Hydrocortizone .1% on that area just like you would for a child with chickenpox.

That, in effect, is exactly what I consider these stupid things they itch so much!

And don't forget the water that helps with everything.
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So you Maitake pills will work with the treatment?  I am concerned that it would be counterproductive when taking Pegasys and Ribavrin.
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I just called the doctor and checked.  I began treatment with my first shot on September 23, 2005.  That means this coming Friday is my 24th shot and I will have my PCR after that.

Now...You started before me I thought - what is the date of your starting?

I've checked on the calendar several times and am SHOCKED that this is 24.

Now I'm freaking out!!!!!!!

Since I thought I was behind you...I thought I'd better bring this up quick.

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I know how rigorous that you have been with tx and the significance for you to be clear at 24 weeks. But, I counted the number of Fridays, counting 9/23, until this Friday 2/24 and it 23 weeks.  Looks like shot #24 is 3/3.  Sorry to bring this up but I know you're intetrested in full disclosure.  You must be using one of your boss's calendars - the one that cheats you out of a vacation week each year.  Hang in there NYG. You just itchin' to get clear, ain't ya?
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This Friday isn't the 24th that was last Friday - today's date is the 28th isn't it?  Or have I gone delusional yet once again?

I'm a wreck about this week stuff as you know but I believe that this week's date is March 3rd.  That's my 24th week if I counted right (I think so I've done it 20 times now)

Got to call the doc and have him put in a PCR for next week.

Gahhhh urghhhh blahhh!
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hey we both got it right - this week on March 3rd is my 24th week.  I think that is what we were both trying to say.

I am on week 24/48 my 24th shot is on Friday.

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If your 24th shot is this Friday (March 3rd) then you're currently on week 23. Week 24 will be the week of 3/3-3/7. Your week 24 PCR therefore should be on Thursday, March 9 or on Friday March, 10th, before the 25th shot. All my best wishes for you being non-detectible as I'm sure you will.

-- Jim
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