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Should you take milk thistle, liv. 52, lipoic acid R and vitamin C with triple therapy treatment? I stopped taking these supplements because I was on the therapy. Would they help?
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       I am in the process of starting triple w/ Incivek. I took the Milk Thistle and liver-aid among other supplements before and after my last treatment with peg-riba. However I think there is debate as to whether these supplements will have a negitive impact,positive impact or no impact while on tx. Talk to your Dr.
      I was told to stop taking them before I start tx.
I am sure there are some that will reply with some study Data that will be of more help to you. Good luck and welcome, this info on this forum is a god send for people with hep c and there are some very knowledgable folks here.
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All drugs ,supplements ,herbal remedies  and vitamins should be thoroughly reviewed with the doctor treating your HCV  prior to  starting.

"Should you take milk thistle, liv. 52, lipoic acid R and vitamin C with triple therapy treatment?  "
Milk Thistle Does Not Alter Disease Activity in Hepatitis C Patients
by Christina Frangou
San Francisco—One of the first rigorous trials to test the popular herbal extract milk thistle (silymarin) has shown that this treatment does not relieve symptoms or slow disease progression in patients with hepatitis C who are nonresponsive to interferon (IFN).


I don't have any knowledge of "lipoic acid" other than to say there is no data to say it will enhance eradication of HCV.

There is a large sign on the wall as you enter the Hepatology teaching hospital were I attend .. it reads :


There are approx. 40 products on the list and " LIV.52 is one of them.

Again ..any of these should be reveiwed with your doctor

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There used to be talk of milkthistle being so protective of the liver that it stopped the meds from being as affective.

I took vit D, calcium, omega 3 fish oil, and a multi-vitamin w/o iron during tx with the approval of my hepatologist.
Treatment is hard on our bones, so do all you can to insure bone and dental health.

The first time I did tx, an hebalist MD made it clear that none of the supplements would clear HCV, though some would help with my symptoms. She did suggest several for my cirrhotic liver including lipoic acid, ( none of the others on your list)

My best advice to any and all to help with treatment is to remember to drink lots of water and exercise as much or as little as you're able.
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That is what and I did stop taking the supplements with the treatment. I took them one day and it made me feel worse, so I just used common sense. I just wanted to know if anyone else was taking supplements and if it would help with lowering the viral load faster.
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Thank you for your comments they really helped. It is good to know that there are others out there that are dealing with Hep C treatment and its challenges. jlj10
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Thank you for your comments. I am just 9 weeks into triple treatment and doing well except my viral load has gone down but is not non detected yet. I was just a little concerned about that and thought that maybe supplements might help the viral load.
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i took it and stopped right before tx that was 2008 in november, went und in 5th week.  still und at this point. so it helped. svr 4 years.
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I've been taking Milk Thistle for 10 years - since I was first diagnosed - back when it was "the rage" for HepC.  I'm still taking it until NOW.  I have read a bit about the research showing that it doesn't help, but now that I'm on this forum and reading this, there is no reason to take it anymore.

I also appreciate the info. on keeping the bones strong.  I do take Vit D and calcium - will check with doc. on other supplements b4 starting tx.

This was an excellent question.
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No supplements are going to do a thing for viral loads. If they were, we wouldn't need medication to get rid of the viurs.

What supplements may be able to do is help us with symptoms and side effects.

I have a friend who did tx, relapsed and takes milk thistle.
She's convinced it's helped her fibrosis from progressing any further.
But it's not going to do a thing to get rid of hcv.
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My Dr told me not to use milk thistle during treatment just because it could move the medicine out of my body to quickly before it could do what it is there to do. There are lots of medicines and hnatural herbs that clean the body of toxins and technically you are pumping your body full of toxins while on treatment so be careful what extras you add to your prescribed Meds. Always ask your doctor what he thinks and imho if it says it cleans your body or liver out its probably not the beat thing to take when your taking medicine you need in there to clean the virus out but that's just me.
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