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I would like to please hear from anyone who has or is experiencing joint and muscle aches pre treatment.  My joints fingers, knees, ankles, and muscles ache deeply, sometimes it's hard to be comfortable even to sleep.  I explained this to the doc and he did some blood test to determine arthritis?  That was weeks ago and he's not been very helpful.  Any info or remedies would be greatly appreciated.  Mine is a very physical job and sometimes and the end of my day it seems my legs will barely carry me.

Thanks, Robin
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Hey Robin, I too have deep joint, muscle pain. This was throughout therapy (I finished 8/22) and the pain continues now. I am now taking anti-oxidants & my Primary Doctor recommended a Glucosamine supplement called "Move Free." I have not taken enough to see any improvement. I feel that part of my problem is lack of activity, as I do not exercise enough, but obviously this is not the same with you. I am also very stiff. Hot baths seem to help, but watch out because this also dries you out, leaving dry itching skin. I wish I had the answer for you, but hopefully just knowing that someone else is experiencing the same problem is some comfort. I know at times, I felt like I was the only one with all the terrible sides. God Bless
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Sorry for breaking in........ yes, my husband is taking his full dose of Riba and only 1/2 doses of the interferon, been about a month of that. Thanks for letting me know that he can still clear if this should keep up.
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Your GI probably did a cryoglobulin screen which is one of the documents cause and effect Hep C arthritis things.  It is not usually positive but if it is a Rheumatologist may be a good place to start.

If it is negative, you have to take a look at OTHER factors that cause joint/muscle pain.  This means going back to your primary care and saying..."Yes..this may be Hep C related..but I understand that it is much more likely to be something non-Hep C related, so doc what can we do both from an evaluation standpoint and a treatment standpoint, while my GI is getting this Hep C thing under control".  If he/she blows this off to Hep C find another doctor.

There was a study years ago looking at depression, joint pains ect in relationship to Hep C.  They found that if your take 100 people with Hep C and 100 people without, they had the same rate of these problems.  In addition, these complaints were unlikely to go away even with viral cure, making one question if the Hep C is indeed the CAUSAL agent or a BYSTANDER.

I am not saying there is no relationship between the two but you must push the somewhat ignorent family doctor to look beyond the Hep C.  When my patient do so, they typically find out they have lupus, rhuematoid or osteoarthritis...etc and finally get treated appropriately.

Just my 2 cents..
Hopping off the soapbox now.


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Hi Robin,
  Yes, my husband has and had what you are experiencing.  He first noticed that the balls of his feet were hurting him.  Then his knees, then his hands, then his wrists.  He saw a Rheumatologist, but all the tests showed he didn't have RA.  They kept treating him with liver-damaging drugs at that point.  He was just getting worse.  His one wrist hurt him the most.  He could hardly walk in the a.m. X-rays showed no arthritis. Anyway, I threatened him with divorce if he wouldn't go to another Dr.  He did and found the Hep C.  He has been just as swollen and achy on treatment, perhaps worse. His hands feel hot and look red.  He seems to have one area bother him for awhile and then another area.
    Crazy as some of these may sound, he found different things helped him.  He stays away from corn and red meat.  They flare him up.  He also found that a fresh pineapple, cut and he sucks on the skin, helps him the most.  Cherries helped his swelling and pain.  The fresh ones.  He also finds that milk products seem to make him worse, as does chocolate.  He also has massage machines and heating pads.  We found that when he rubs the ball of one massager on his palm that it helps.  We read this is to help arthritis in an acupuncture article.  
    These are some of the things he does, although he hasn't gotten rid of the symptoms entirely.  I hope when he goes off treatment the symptoms will be more tolerable and lessen.
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I was diagnosed with HCV two months ago, but haven't started treatment yet.  I've been experiencing the same deep joint and muscle pain you describe. I've always been a very active person, so I certainly took notice when this symptom started several months ago (getting out of the car is the worst). I have no proof that it's related to the HCV, but I firmly believe that it is.  I also experience numbness and tingling in my extremities.  My anti-smooth muscle antibody and cryoglobulin counts are both a tad high, but my GI insists that I don't have auto-immune hepatitis co-exisiting with HCV.  

I'm not sure what to make of these pre-treatment symptoms, but I know we're not the only ones having them.

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I have many muscle/joint symptoms, as well.  Neck and upper back pain, left foot burns, tennis elbow.  I get massages every other week for the neck, and use arnica gel to deaden the muscle pain.  It works, but has alcohol in it and so I don't know if I should be using it.  I don't eat much red meat, but I'll try to pay attention to relationship of diet to the pain.  Typing on the computer hurts my hands, forearms and elbows.  I agree that exercise helps to keep some things moving better, but it doesn't get rid of the pain and it's really hard to get motivated whil on tx.  Sometimes I feel like I'm doing good to get up and out the door to work.  Other times I'm doing well to just get off of the couch and get the mail.
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