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kidney problems

my kidneys are hurting. could that be from the extra riba? doesnt combo treatment in general cause some kidney problems? i guess if it keeps hurting ill have to go see the doc. anyone got any input on this? thanks.
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Get it checked out sooner rather than later.
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Don't know why my previous posted isn't here but . . .

Jeeeeeezzzzzz. . . just what you needed (NOT).

another friggin sx.

i don't know anything about painful kidneys but I would say get it checked out ASAP.

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The only thing I might add is that just before I reduced the Riga, I had two occasions where my kidney on the left side started cramping bad and the urination was very heavy and sank to the bottom, no blood that I could tell but it had cleared up later in the day on both occasions. Might be something to watch out for if you’re having pain.

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Back in 2003/2004 when I was treated with SOC Pegasys I was also under the care of a Nephrologist (kidney doc) and a very good one.  I have had a bit of kidney trouble earlier so I went to him to make sure the TX didn't wreck my kidneys,  Didn't hurt them a bit.  

Months after the TX he told me that my kidney troubles were "in remission:" and that I didn't need to see a kidney doc any more.  

Drink lots of water, that should help.  
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Then again, could be making some stones, not good. Hope everything works out.
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I had some kidney pain when my water intake dropped, I drank water back up to the normal level fot tx'rs and the pain went away.

To All, don't forget your water, like I did.
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was reading a thread here about ativan, and some other drugs, ativan in particular, (I take .5 mil once in a great while if I can't sleep for days) is metabolized though the kidneys (not all of them are) so it said to drink lots of water w/ it, and avoid it altogether if you have kidney problems...don't know if youre taking that particular drug along w/ treatment (some people are), and you prob aren't, just a thought...hope you get it resolved...course a doc would know a whole lot more then I....
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Hello all, I am 23, was diagnosed with HCV about 4 years ago in jail, i believe either from IV or tattoo equip. :( Im just recently beginning to accept that i cant live the way i used to, and stay healthy, so im basically wondering what the hell to do. I have no insurance, dont drink that much (a few beers a day) and am currently within the last few days experiencing HORRIBLE kidney pains. Can anyone offer me some advice as to what this could be? Because i am not on any medication as of yet, so im not sure what could be causing this.
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Hi Sofaking—

You’ll want to repost your question by clicking on the green ‘post question’ button near the top of the page. This will open a new thread, and you’ll get more responses to your query. The thread you tagged onto was started three years ago. Lots of folks in here that have dealt with this and will offer suggestions. Good luck and take care—

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