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Does anyone take Klonopin for anxiety??
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I used to; it works. Has a longer half life that Xanax or Valium but it takes longer to kick in.

If you have specific questions I'll try to answer them.
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PCP revamped my AD's just as I began tx and this has helped a lot; I'm also taking Lunesta for sleep.
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Just a word of caution about Klonopin (also valium zanex, ativan, all benzodiazipines). They are very addiciting and can be difficult to get off of. There are several other anti-anxiety medications (which are not benzodiazipines and which are not addicting) that can be prescribed by your doctor.
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Hi, can you recommend some anti anxiety meds that are not addicting? Thanks
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Are these drugs ok for your liver?
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Two that I can think of are Paxil and Zoloft. Both of these medications are used for treating depression and/or anxiety. So they could be used for either condition or both conditions. I think several people on this forum are on Zoloft. I am not sure if anyone is taking Paxil. One advantage the antidepressants have is that depression can be a side effect of the Hep C treatment (Interferon). Many people are placed on antidepressants before they even start treatment. Either of these drugs (Paxil or Zoloft)  could be used for anxiety and either could be used for depression. I know there are more but without researching I cannot remember the names. I think if you tell your doctor you want something that is not addicting, hopefully he/she will know not to prescribe benzodiazipines but rather proscribe a medication like Zoloft. I think Zoloft is considered safe in liver disease but I am not certain about Paxil.
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