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lab results

I just received my lab results back (ALT-126/AST-94).  My doctor told me this was high.  My last biopsy was 2yrs ago and I was 2/2.  Should I be concerned.  I have read that Excersize and a high protein diet can contribute to high AST/ALT readings.  I run 4 miles five days a week.  I do not consider this excessive.  I also eat protein bars (about 50 grams of protein).
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Those are really pretty high though.  Have you ever had a hep test?  I would totally advise one.
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Sorry I didn't read it all through well enough Im issed the 2/2 part (I'm at work and go WAY too fast sometimes).

Have you eveer treated?  Are you thinking of it?

Being a 2 you are right on the borderline decision wise I THINK...but it's sort of a scary fence to sit on because it can progress really FAST if it wants to.

I think the only real way you can tell what is going on is by reading your liver enzymes.  The more cell death you have the higher the numbers go because the more is released.

I don't know if you are on treatment or not but - it sounds really pretty high to me.

None of us are doctors - just patients just so you know. We might be smart but...we don't make that kind of money hahahaha.

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I treated about a year ago, but did not respond.  I am hoping to get in the PROVE 3 Telaprevir trial.  Seems like this drug has the potential to cure many with this virus.
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I don't think the exercise you described sounds excessive, and I doubt it is responsible for your elevations. I exercise about as much as you describe, and I've never seen my ALT/AST go above the 50-80 range (until I started treatment, anyway). However, over 50+ grams of protein consistently every day? I don't know what effect that might have.

I'd have it looked into and think about treatment, unfortunately it's not that uncommon for enzymes to shoot up after remaining at a lower level for many years. What did your enzymes used to be like? It may (or may not) be a sign the disease is intensifying, but that's something you'd want to discuss with your doctor. Although at 2/2 (as measured 2+ years ago), might be a reason to consider treatment. It's a personal decision only you can make, but remember that fibrosis has a tendency to creep along faster in some than others, especially as we get older. Plus sometimes biopsies can be off by as much a stage, which could mean better or worse news for you.

Something to consider, take care.
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I agree with Mremeet. I don't think your enzyme increases are due to your exercise. I do not think your exercise is excessive. I do not think the enzyme levels are up due to your protein bar intake however I would cut back on the protein bars, they are loaded with sugar and I don't think you want to process that much protein per day from what amounts to candy bars. Unless you have found some that are actually edible without sugar(or other sweeteners), if so please tell me where you get them! The only ones I have found taste just awful.
With liver damage you want protein, yes, but not too much. Sugar you want to avoid as much as possible.

Once damage sets in, I have read it can then progress faster. No one can tell you how fast. Certain factors might possibly lessen the progress. For instance, stopping all alcohol would slow progress. Maintaining ideal weight, getting exerrcise and eating a liver friendly diet or adding supplements that have inflammation inhibiting properties are all good things but none are guarantees your liver damage will remain static. How do your platelets look?

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I am thinking of extending. Tough decision because of sx. I am trying to make an informed decision. I figure to still be UND at 24 wks. I did not get a 4 wk PCR, but und at 12. My LFTs were slowly decreasing, but no change really from 5 wks ago. As a stage 3, know it is important to clear soon. Thanks.
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