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leg pain

I have Hep c, went on treatment 3 years ago.  Went off after 3 months, it was not working.  Alreay have fibrosis, scaring.  Of course no one knows how long it will take to progess.

Have a recurring problem, lots of leg pain in calves.  Wake up some mornings feeling like I've been running for hours.  Feels like muscle pain.  I guess it's from Hep c, don't know.  Recently I have had to travel, long flights.  New development, my blood vessels in my feet seem to break.  My feet look red and blue.  Doctor told me not not to be concerned.  Did blood work to make sure I was not bleeding interanally.  When I get to my destination, the feet begin to heel, but before you know it, I'm going home, same problem.  Some of the spots are so red, they burn when I get them into warm/hot water.

Anyone have these problems>

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Don't have personal experience w/ this, but it sounds circulatory, like blood is pooling in your feet after a long period of immobility.   Blood carries oxygen to the tissues, and oxygen-deprived tissues atrophy and ache.   Have you tried addressing this with stretching and massage?  Seriously....contracted calf muscles can cause all kinds of havoc to the feet.  I would rule out deconditioning first before imagining other problems at work--just, as we say, my two cents.
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If you have to fly often, ask your doc about the stretchy stockings; you put them on after a period of rest, when your legs have been horizontal.  People who've got congestive HD or who've had veins stripped from their legs for bypass operations frequently wear these stockings.  
Another thing is to get up and move around in the plane.  Also, the flight attendants should be able to show you some exercises you can do in your seat.  If you are driving or riding in a car, you should likewise stop, get out and stretch your legs with a little walking at least once every 2 hours.
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Hey girl, how have you been? It's nice to see your name. Mike
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Yes, great to hear from you! How are you? LL
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have you been tested for cryoglobulinemia?
it sounds like vasculitis cryo to me.
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or Raynoud's syndrome
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