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my levels are ast28 and alt is 21 was just taken off medcine after 2 months body had a complete breakdown of my platelets were down to 26,red and blood counts were also at a critcal levels my platets are now at 60 what do you think?           thanks
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Yoru liver enzymes sound very good but that is no indication of how well the meds were working against the virus.  Didn't your doc try using any of the rescue drugs like Procrit or Neupogen to help with the red and whites problems?

Sorry I don't know much abotu platets that was probably the one problemI never really had.
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I have the same blood issues but am in a study which provides Procrit to stimulate hemoglobin and my own insurance pays for Neulasta which stimulates white blood cell (especially neutrophil) formation.  When my platelets dropped to 39,000, they reduced my interferon and they finally got back up to the 60's.  That's acceptable if they just stay above 50,000. I'm still on reduced interferon.  26,000 is pretty bad.  Only thing that brings platelets up is reduced interferon until they rise again or a platelet transfusion, but I'm not sure about how to go about inquiring about that.
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As mentioned, there are drugs to encourage the development of red (Procrit)and white - ANCs (Neupogen - Neulasta) cells.  However, there is nothing at this time for hcv treatment thrombocytopenia (means a shortage of platelets).  The platelet situation is probably why the doc stopped treatment.  Many docs reduce or stop in the neighborhood of 30.  That they bounced back to 60 is not that unusual, especially if you've been off the treatment for a few weeks.  You might talk to your doc about getting a viral load test to see what's what at this time.
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