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life expectancy of cirrhosis and hep C while to continue drinking

My common law won't go to doctor.  He was diagnosed with hep C, 2001 and was told to quit drinking.  He slowed down for a bit, but is now drinking 12 strong beers a day, and sometimes liquor.  He is vomiting blood and had blood in stool and is getting nose bleeds.  He has edema bad, and feet turn red/ purple, pain in abdomen, and around to the back.  His abdomen is a little swollen, his chest is very full, he can't lie down.  He usually sleeps all day and only for a few hours at night, and he is very moody, and angry, and depressed.  He is also impotent and is having severe pain in his left shoulder.  He says if he goes to the doctor, they would put him in hospital and take away his booze and smokes, so he won't go.
I just want to know how bad he really is, so I can prepare myself, and be able to help him as much.
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No one can tell you how long he will last but he needs to be seen by a hepatologist ASAP, he is going to head down hill fast if he doesn't stop drinking.

He is starting to show signs of advanced cirrhosis (edema, ascites) that is why I suggest seeing a hepa doc ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask him if he would rather drink or live, because that is what it comes down to and dying from liver failure is a pretty gruesome way to go, in the miserable end he won't be able to drink anymore anyway.

Sorry to be so blunt, I hope you can convince him that he needs to quit drinking and see a doc.

Have a great day
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A physician, preferably a hepatologist, will be the person who can answer your question.  Going to see a doctor, regardless of the outcome of the visit, should be his main priority given the severe symptoms he's having. They will do some non-invasive testing to determine the severity of his hepatitis and offer treatment options.

In terms of taking away his 'booze and smokes,' consuming alcohol with hepatitis C is like throwing gasoline on an open fire. Continuing on that path, your common law's condition will significantly worsen over time. If the guy is that miserable and depressed, you'd think he'd want to do everything he could to help himself. But if he does not want help, there is nothing you can do...you cannot save people from themselves.

You may want to do some research into cure rates of today's treatment options with medications such as Gilead's Harvoni and present your findings to him.

Good luck...sounds like you're going to need it.
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I agree with those who said your partner needs to be seen by a Hepatologist ASAP.

In fact, he should go to the emergency room immediately.

He has symptoms of advanced liver disease (Decompensated Cirrhosis).

While no one knows how long he may live, he will definitely hasten his death by not seeking help immediately. He may linger a while and die from liver failure over a period of time. Or, he may die suddenly/rapidly from a rupture esophageal varice (blood vessel in the esophagus), bleeding ulcer, or other problems.

"He is vomiting blood and had blood in stool and is getting nose bleeds."

Vomiting blood is from gastrointestinal bleeding, probably from the esophageal varices or from a bleeding gastrointestinal ulcer. Either of these can rupture or perforate, causing rapid loss of blood and rapid death. Because he has Cirrhosis, his platelets are probably very low so his blood is not clotting well. That is why he is getting nose bleeds.

"He has edema bad, and feet turn red/ purple, pain in abdomen, and around to the back.  His abdomen is a little swollen,"

He has liver failure which is causing the extra fluid in his feet and abdomen. The abdominal pain may be from several causes ..... ulcers, pressure, irritation, pancreatitis, etc.

"his chest is very full, he can't lie down.:

The fluid in his abdomen is causing him to have less space in his chest cavity to breath. In addition, he may have other processes going on in the chest and lungs which is making it hard for him to breath. Some fluid may be backing up into his lungs. He may have pneumonia.

"He usually sleeps all day and only for a few hours at night, and he is very
moody, and angry, and depressed."

The mental symptoms are from Hepatic Encephalopathy. It is from a build up of ammonia int the blood stream because the liver can no longer get rid of the ammonia. The ammonia is poisoning his brain.

"He is also impotent and is having severe pain in his left shoulder. "

His impotence is due to the advanced liver disease. The pain in his left shoulder may be from abdominal problems (pancreatitis, ulcers, gastric irritation, abdominal wall irritation), cardiac problems, pneumonia, gallstones, etc.

His situation is dire. He need help immediately.

I hope you can convince him to seek help before it is too late.

I wish you the best.

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You may also want to ask your question in th eCirrhosis community they may have more information there but yes so sorry to say but from what yo udescribe he is in end stage liver disease and the only way to save his life may be a liver transplant which they will not give him if he is drinking. Fron what I have read he will have to be free from alcohol for at least 6 months to qualify for a liver transplant.
Here it th elink
good luck
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That's a shame!!  I lost one of my brothers to alcoholism and no matter what happened to him he wouldn't stop drinking.  He was only 61 when he died and probably only weighed 85 pounds, at 5'9" that's super frail.  So sad.  Unfortunately most alcoholics won't stop drinking because they can't and most don't want to anyways.  Sorry but that's the ugly truth about alcoholism, at least that's been my experience.  At the end of my brother's life, it was like talking to a brick wall.  I feel for you, hopefully you can think of a way to get him to a doctor.  I wouldn't wait to connect with a hepatologist.  At this point any doctor is better than no doctor at all.  good luck!!
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Everyone above gave you excellent advice  My only addition would be, if he is vomiting blood call 911.  Don't ask him just call.  Vomiting blood could kill him.  He needs help now.  With the HE he is not in his right mind, the more the ammonia builds up the more chance he has of going in to a coma.  The hospital could get his thinking straight so he could realize without their help he will die.
I hope you have the strength to call for help
Take Care
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