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linchen planus

I have not started my med yet, they are going to build my platelets with a new study but need to Qualify first. Does anybody have this linchen  planus  and how does this play into taking the med? does it go away? does it get worse?Will there be 2 rashes instead of 1? Does all get the rash from the med?when I took the med 12 years ago 3 shots a week and pills,I never got a rash before but worried cause of this rash I have now.
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I have severe erosive lichen planus in my mouth, with constant big and painful ulcers. To a lesser degree I have lichen planus on my skin, itchy bumps. I use a steroid mouth rinse two times a day to keep the mouth ulcers somewhat under control.

During my 24 weeks tx it did get a bit worse in the mouth, but not on my skin. One reason for this was that I developed thrush in my mouth. I used the stereoid mouth rinse all through tx.

I am now a month and a half post tx, and all is about the same with the lichen. So for me there was no big change doing tx.
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The insulin resistance (body becomes insensitive to insulin) caused by the Hepatitis C virus can cause lichen planus.  So in theory, reducing the insulin resistance (with diet) may help the lichen planus.  

(April 2008)

Insulin resistance and lichen planus in patients with HCV-infectious liver diseases.

BACKGROUND AND AIM: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes liver diseases and extrahepatic manifestations, and also contributes to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). The aims of the present study were to examine the incidence of extrahepatic manifestations including lichen planus in HCV-infected patients and to evaluate the relationship between lichen planus and insulin resistance. METHODS: Of 9396 patients with liver diseases presenting to the study hospital, 87 patients (mean age 60.0 +/- 11.5 years) with HCV-related liver diseases were identified and examined for the incidence of extrahepatic manifestations. Insulin resistance and the presence of Helicobacter pylori antibodies were also measured. RESULTS: The prevalence of DM was 21.8% (19/87), hypertension was 28.7% (25/87), thyroid dysfunction was 20.7% (18/87), and extrahepatic malignant tumor was 9.2% (8/87). The prevalence of lichen planus at oral, cutaneous, pharyngeal, and/or vulval locations was 19.5% (17/87). Characteristics of 17 patients with lichen planus (group A) were compared with 70 patients without lichen planus (group B). Prevalence of smoking history, presence of hypertension, extrahepatic malignant tumor, and insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) were significantly higher in group A than in group B. Significant differences were not observed for age, sex, body mass index, diagnosis of liver disease, alcohol consumption, presence of DM, thyroid dysfunction, liver function tests, or presence of H. pylori infection between the two groups. CONCLUSIONS: Infection with HCV induces insulin resistance and may cause lichen planus. It is necessary for an HCV-infected patient to be assayed for insulin resistance, and to be checked for different extrahepatic manifestations of this infection, particularly lichen planus.

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BTW, most cirrhotics are insulin resistant (I'm guessing that you have cirrhosis because you mentioned having low platelets).  
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Lots of stuff you wrote and I'm sure if I understood it all would be helpful to me. As far as cirrhosis, I dont know I guess untill I get a biopcy( the last one I took was 12 or so years ago) and was negative.Now I dont really know and just posted some #'s from my first blood test at the trial I will be on for platelets. I'll post them here to if you need them and maybe you can give me some of what you think.Will be starting platelet study tomorrow 8/15, so what ever you got let me know. thanks

Well tomorrow friday the 15 I will start this trial for the plate lets and from what they tell me I will go on med as soon as my platelets are at 100 and stable.I also got my first blood work, and it says HCV- Genotype 1b, a bunch of other things which I'm not understanding, under laboratory data,sodium 141, potassium 4.4, chloride 104, bicarbonate,26 BUN 13, creatinine 1, glucose, 73, white blood cells 6.1, hemoglobin 17, liver funtion test bilirubin 1.1, alkaline phosphatase 103, ALT 187, AST 166, total protein 7.7, albumin 4, iron studies show ferritin 443, iron 173,  here it says hep C gentype is not available( dont know what that means) HCV- RNA level 1.17 million, Alphafetoprotein 58, Autoimmune markers ANA negative, ASMA negative, AMA, negative, seroplasm 34, copper 147, alpha-1-antitrypsin level 203, and a few other which I know is for the thyroid and prostate and blood type.-----------------If anybody can make heads or tail on this I will listen. thanks.-----Oh at one part says hepatitis B core AB total positive, then it says, positive indicates either acute, chronic or past exposure to HBV infection. ( dont know what thats all about either)
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